in starbucks

i’ve been sitting here for the last 4 hours or so with my cheap attempt in creating an AVP for my SE reunion this Saturday. we have so many pictures from so many cameras that i had to get all the pictures first, and then edit it somehow, and then segregate it by class, and then remember which pictures belonged to which days (BREATHE) and since weekend days are long, there are other more little categories inside it.

my head hurts because i haven’t smoked (YAYE!!) and i am actually sitting INSIDE starbucks. less chances of tempting myself to a stick.

so instead of lighting a cigarette, here i am, trying to make an entry

to my right, i see 2 different people studying law. or so i think because she has binders of photocopied paper, and a laptop. the guy nearer to my table i think might be studying economics, or something to that sort because he’s got thick books too and a calculator. i would have said accounting but then he had no 10 column sheets. (eek. accounting memories.)

to my left are 2 girls chatting. i know they are studying medicine because i can see their books from here. well, they are supposed to be studying, but i think they have spent the last hour talking about the other girl’s relationship with the boyfriend who is already a doctor.

is it my fault that i can hear them talk? sorry Direk if im eavesdropping. 😦

in front of me is a group of 4. let me rephrase that. a LOUD group of four. one of the girls is reading the latest Harry Potter book (which is color orange) and the other girl is talking very loudly. too loud, actually.

a couple of minutes ago before i decided to write an entry, a young group of kids (i’m assuming around 14-16 years old) went to the restroom (i’m in front of the restroom e), tugging along their super drunk friend. i thought she was going to puke on the floor already. they caused a small commotion, because they were really noisy inside and i guess they were taking pictures of their drunk friend and also because there were people lining up to use the loo already.

it’s a quiet day, relatively quiet day for Starbucks i think. i was assuming there would be younger kids grabbing coffee after going out to their gimmicks – or maybe, they still are in their gimmicks.

i realized that i like being alone in a crowd. i guess because that is the only time i know i’m alone when i am surrounded by people. for some reason, i get to think more here, and focus more on the things that i have to do compared if i do it at home. i guess the luxury of being relaxed any way possible makes me tamad to do things.

but let me make one thing clear. i may be alone, but i think i am definitely sure i am not lonely. 🙂

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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