sucked to reality

today i felt very calm. i didn’t have class, and there was not meeting today. i stayed home.

when i woke up, i prayed and read the reading for today. and tonight, as i write, this steady wave of calmness is still with me.

Unload all your worries on to god, since He is looking after you…

my shepherd said i would feel a backslide any time. i guess mine came quite early.

just right after my baptism, i saw him. i was surprised because i knew he had a nomination thingy sometime this week – which i have been praying that he’d win – but according to his sister he was only nominated. he kept his distance and i knew i had to respect it. i guess i still can’t help but feel i want to share this new found joy i had.

right away my mind was literally vacuumed back through the whole seminar – couples who thougnt it was the end of everything until finally they surrendered to Direk.

“How i wish we had surrendered to the Lord earlier!” was one of the many things i had in mind.

ang bilis talaga, in fairness. wala pang 30 minutes i was shoved back – no, SUCKED back – into reality. i am not fully healed. having the spirit in me will not solve all my problems IMMEDIATELY.

but now i know better. i have faith and i have claimed that one day i will be fully healed.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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