time sure flies. it’s been a month since you decided to make somthing official more official.

to add to my drama, i decided while writing this i would listen to our favorite songs. well, at least my favorite songs that i listen to agian and again every night before i go to sleep when we were still together.

i have very fond memories of you and me

but a tear dare not drop from my eyes. is it my pride that might be blocking them? i don’t think so. there are no more tears left to be shed. only promises of a better tomorrow, for you, for me.

i have to be honest and say your candle is flickering. i only get to miss you when i think of you, and i only think of you when i will it, when i want it.

but i don’t worry so much about you anymore – i know you are well taken care of – He hasn’t abandoned you just as He hasn’t abandoned me.

i guess one of my greatest fears of losing you was thinking i was not good enough for you. that despite everything i did, kulang parin. it wasn’t enough to make oyu feel safe, secure, satisfied.

but i have to thank you because it was because of you that i learned i am worthy. i am special and i don’t need your affirmation to believe that i am.

and you are too. if given the chance to talk to you or tell you anything, i want you to know that you are well loved – flaws and all.

and though i will do so from afar, do not be misled that a tiny flicker in the sky means it is small, but when seen closer it is big, warm, and bright.

you will always be with me


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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