in which i talk about the 3rd sex

just got home from the weekend and i have a couiple of questions in mind.

specifially about homosexuals. i was with a great friend the whole weekend and she is a lesbian. but she prays to God,and her faith is good too. i don’t want to measure who has greater faith, but i know that she does as well.

tonight after the weekend, she decided to break-up with her girlfriend not because she pledged to be straight already, but because she was in a very unhealthy relationship. the ex gf mockes our religion, kaya i told my friend wala talagang patutunguhan ang ganoong klaseng relasiyon.

pero, she is still a homosexual. and she loves god with all her heart, and it was through Him that she finally got the strength to break it up with Bunny.

does this mean she will not inherit the kingdom of God? if her intentions are pure and sincere, and if God loves us unconditionally, can she not enter the kingdom of heaven?

i don’t know if i’m in the position to convert her, or even worse, judge her because she is a lesbian.

i learned that i should love everyone just as direk loves everyone of us, so pano yon?

sleep nako. i don’t think i am making sense anymore.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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