just because

i grew up in a household of reward and punishment, just like i think most of us are taught, when you do something good, you are rewarded. when you do something bad, you will be punished.

yet today, Direk says, “here’s a new life, a clean slate, not because you did or you didn’t do something. just because i love you.

what’s comforting and humbling at the same time is that i know i will shun away Direk again, one time or another, but He will again say the same thing.

…it was not because he was concerned with any righteous actions we might have done ourselves; it was for NO REASON except his own compassion that he saved us…

this week, i’m supposed to be preparing to be baptized in the spirit. and he is telling me not to be afraid and be worried.

i’m sorry i still falter from time to time, Direk. but as Bro. Arun said, i will claim it. i will claim that i am weak, and that in your strenth i would be able to go through it.

dahil sinabi mong dumapa ako, dadapa ako Direk. i want to receive the Holy Spirit. i want to be able to use this limitless credit card.

and now palang, i thank you for whatever gift you will give me, because you are greater than i am, and you already know what i need before i even utter them to you.

i ask for the gift of tongues, so i would be able to join your angels as they praise your mighty name.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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