sake lab smiles

just came home from my 1st meeting with my class. the real bonding acutally happened after the meeting, nung inuman na. hehe.

we were 11 who committed to stay in the community. kinda reminded me of the reading today. i guess just like the disciples, we arealso looking for ways we can reach out to the people around us. we are also helping each other stay around.

it’s not easy to stay in a community because it is imperfect. however, this is also the exact reason why i stay. parepareho lang tayong tao.


i saw you toady and wanted to give you a hug. cay says you are doing fine and i am happy you are talking to her and opening up to her. saturdays were our days. brian caught me smiling a while ago. i didn’t tell him it was because of you.

i guess what makes this harder for me is that i find no reason to hate you, and even if i do, Direk calls me to still love you. i pray that i get to love you as much as Direk loves you, or at least, know that my intentions are pure.

here i am, experiencing everything you said i will when i join this community. to tell you honestly, i think i even gained more than you ever expected..

so could i be blamed for missing you?

little by little. everyday.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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