floating by…

when people ask me how i am, my only reply is, “floating by….”

because i have not sunk to the depths of sorrow and i know there are so many other thigns to be thankful for, and there are so many other people who are carrying heavier burden than mine, yet they still ring the heavens with their praises;

 nor do i feel elated and estatic about my situation right now.  i know i am still not fully healed and because a “high” cannot be a “high” the whole time, edi, paano ko malalaman na high yon diba?

 sabi today, Direk can giev me a whole new life, if i am willing to leave the old.


i saw him today, and tried to smile during peace time, but i quickly turned away. somehow today, i lived my day in a steady pace – no rush to do anything – when the time is right, i know it will just happen.

lukso ng dugo.

i was actually reminiscing before i wrote here.  there are a couple of pictures that are pasted in my planner – and i have no plans of taking it down. First of all, because masisira ang page ng planner ko, and more importantly, because i guess just like the pages, i have turned it to a new one.  i cannot take back what has already happened, but it was great. i can only have faith that there are better, more wonderful things planned for us.

let me take that back a bit –

i am not saying it was a horrible horrible experience, or am i saying i am  100% sure i will get back with him someday, or that we are not worthy of each other’s love. our timing was just off, just like everyone else that came and passed by in our lives. for that exact moment, it was right and we were meant to meet, but not meant to be together anymore.

but just for the record, he will always be my baboo.


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