in which i talk about simple joys

yesterday was quite surreal to me. i went through my day like i was watching myself from the tv screen. i know i was talking but somehow i can’t hear myself. if i ever went scuba diving, i imagine that was how i would sound like – trapped in air.

since i just learned to play Sudoku yesterday, i decided to treat myself and buy my 1st Sudoku pocket puzzler. i was planning to spend the rest of my night curled away in Starbucks, with a pack of cigarettes and good coffee. i was determined to keep my mind busy with new, super trivial, even nonsensical things.

and then out from fuzion someone shouted, “BOOOOOOOOOOOOB!!!!” and it was aleck. i was so happy to see her and finally someone i can talk to about nothing at all. i was grateful for her and her friends (ok, all i remember is chris – not even sure if i have the right spelling, and aj and the other friend 😀 sorry!!) for spending time with me and just allowing me to bask in new company.

i guess we were just together for around 2-3 hours. i’m not even sure anymore, but when we finally adjourned, i realized – as i told aleck – that it was a sign for Direk, that i will never be alone, and that i should not worry so much. aleck gave such a fresh point of view of my situation that i just felt blessed and believed i was meant to see her last night.

this is not actually my entry. it’s just the inspiration of it. 😀

below are ten simple joys i have in random. random because i am naturally indecisive, and i’m not sure which one would rank more than the other, and ten because these were the things i came up with during my way home. i could have changed them, but i wanted to save it for authenticity.

    1. a new crisp book to read. – doesn’t matter if it’s fiction, or non-fiction. i love books. and give me a nice book to read and it would definitely make my day.
    bonus: a book from my favorite authors.

    2. finding free wi-fi – i’m not sure if a lot of people know this, but sometimes when i open my wi-fi in Makati, there’s a server for Mac users. besides linksys (which i think, is still free, most of the time) it’s really nice to find free wi-fi. especially since a card would normally cost P100/hour. eek.
    bonus: the connection is faster than the normal dsl. hehehe.

    3. massages,manicures and pedicures – contrary to popular belief, babae po ako. i do enjoy a day in the spa, and yes, there are times that my nails are acutally clean. my excuse for always having short unkempt nails? i go to the gym. i feel tacky wearing nail polish when i lift heavier weights than the other guys in the gym. but i love getting pampered too. i especially like massages, especially smelling all coffee-y or vanilla-y or whatever lotion was used for my massage the whole day. yum.
    bonus: when my mom pays for it.

    4. waking up late then hearing there’s a typhoon going on – i especially loved it when i was in high school. but my mom defintely loved it more. the usual scenario: bob wakes up around 6:00. just around the time her school bus picks her up. she prepares her breakfast, takes a bath, fix her stuff, fix her baon, get dressed in a matter of 15 minutes (it’s called the art of cramming) and then…

    Harassed Bob: ma…. (pant, pant) san na ung school bus? iniwan na ba ako?
    Steady Mom: (reading her newspaper, sipping calmly from her cup of coffee) walang pasok ngayon. signal number 3.

    but for some reason, i still enjoy it. i would fall back to sleep in my complete uniform, savoring the day that might have been, instead, wasted and curled up inside a thick blanket. of course, that all changed when i studied in La Salle and i was only a cartwheel away from school. but i still love suspended classes.
    bonus: when there are 4 tests scheduled for that day and i didn’t review for it.

    5. finding a cab with no passengers after a long day of training, or work, or shopping – for someone who is late all the time, i don’t actually like waiting. i don’t like standing on lines. i only like standing on lines when i have things to do while waiting, or if i’m listening to something. but i am crankiest after training, when my muscles are all sore, and it feels like an elephant just crushed your back. these are the times when it would be heaven for a taxi to stop right in front of me and not ask where i live.
    bonus: when the taxi driver actually knows where BF QC is, and i can just sleep until i get to my village.

    6. enough traffic – ok, i have to explain this simple joy of mine. ok. i am always late, BUT, i am never late for work. work means money. money allows me to be late for the gimmicks i spend on. i like traffic. i used to hate traffic, but enough traffic gives me time to relax on the bus. that’s why sometimes, instead of riding the mrt, i would ride the bus, because i like sleeping on buses. it at least gives me a 30 minute powernap. it’s a daily reminder for me to slow down and make time for traffic.
    bonus: when the bus is not a pseudo-roller coaster, and i don’t get to sit near psychos or testosteroned challenged guys.

    7. when you wake up to a good hair day – as most of my friends know, i rarely brush my hair. i’m just a wash and wear your hair kinda girl. but ever since i got my bangs, i had no choice but to allocate a few minutes of at least brushing my bangs to the right side. but once in a while, there would come a day when after drying my hair, all of them just seem to bounce and be happy. my hair is eternally straight, so i am grateful for a good hair day.
    bonus: when somebody would say, “uy bob!! mukhang nagsuklay ka ngayon!!” so i get to say, ” hindi.. shinampoo ko lang yan… :)”

    8. a good spot in starbucks.

      no ceiling fan over my head
      under the shade
      comfy chair
      smoking area
      lots of people to watch
      by the corner so i can squoosh myself
      stable table (ung hindi umuuga)
      a big ashtray

    bonus: when i get to share it with a good movie, book or friend. with my caramel macchiato.

    9. comfort food. – through the years i have learned that i have 2 great comfort food.

      1. soup – chicken soup, beef soup, mushroom soup, soup-as. (hehe) anything that is hot and is shlurpable brings me back to my childhood when me and my dad would eat at Ma Kong Mami. so maybe that’s why i find comfort in it.
      2. caramel – i especially like the Karmel-sutra from Ben and Jerry’s. the only sad thing about this is there is nothing really comforting about gaining a few pounds. but hell, i needed comfort.

    bonus:sharing my secret comfort food with others.

    10. HUGS – this is definitely number 1 on my list. i must have my 8 hugs everyday. 4 for survival, 8 for growth. i believe that. i find it amazing how a simple gesture can sum up so many words in a few seconds. a simple hug says a lot. and that’s simply good for me.
    bonus: getting more than 8 hugs!!!! 😀


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

3 thoughts on “in which i talk about simple joys”

  1. awwww. nice entry pangs! you’ve outdone yourself again! big girl ka na tlaga hehe.. glad to know you’re doing better now! >:D

  2. another simple joy…. being silly with tr. it never ever ever fails to make me smile 🙂 love you sis and i miss you to bits

  3. pangs – ahehe. big girl na talaga ako 😀 nag grogrowee ata ito!! 🙂

    sis – yeah, that’s right. i miss being silly too. wait, i am silly most of the time. let’s rephrase that – i miss being silly with you!! 🙂

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