can’t sleep.

here i am at 4:29 am watching reruns of Boston Legal.

i have at least 4 entries i have been wanting to do for the longest time but i am once again in a rut.

i am, once again, rolled in bubble wrap. my mind is blank.

ok, it’s not really blank, i would want it to be blank, but its just swirling with memories, thoughts, things left to say, things i wish i never said, things that maybe i should have done, things that i shouldn’t have done, days, afternoons, nights that it was just there…

but no one is coming after me.

so once again, i sing my song.

when i’ve shown you that i just don’t care
when i’m throwing punches in the air
when i’m broken down and i can’t stand
will you be man enough to be my man?

who would be man enough?

i hope he is….


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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