in which i am lost.

i started watching my new TV series, Lost, and i love it!

i was sick the whole day yesterday and i was happily sick because i got to watch the whole 1st season of Lost. although i know i have to watch it again because most of the time i sleep on it or was too groggy to understand what’s happening.

anyway, so far, so good. i should’ve listened to pangs earlier because he kept telling me that Lost was good, and i thought, what is so exciting about people being trapped in an island? it’s just survivors all over again. personally, i didn’t like the reality drama. it’s too real. i can do that in my own life, so why bother watching it?

since i’m still in season 1, the plot is still fresh and not knowing what happens next still kills me. people tell me that by season 3, umay na ako, but i’ll be watching that when the season is done because:

    1. i’m too impatient and curious to wait what happens in the next episode, so i’d rather i have the power of watching what’s going to happen next than wait at least a week.
    2.more importantly, i don’t have cable. so i can’t go barging in my friends’ house that has cable just for me to watch TV series that i am slowly getting addicted with.

ever since i started watching DVD marathons, i realize that i am sucked to the whole story. and for a brief moment, i forget everything else.

the longest DVD marthon i ever had would be Sex in the City, which i think lasted 4 days. 7 seasons in 4 days. that would prolly mean i watched it non-stop. and after that, i remember sleeping non-stop as well.

watching these series definitely affected my sleep cycle, seeing it is already 5:30 am and i am at marsh’s house, i should be asleep, yet i woke up to do this entry. damn.

better try to sleep again since we’re waking up early later.

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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