in which i talk about my cousin

once upon a time there was a baby girl who had no parents. well, technically she did, but i guess, during that time, her parents did not want her. her dad was engaged to another woman, and her mother was, well, let’s say, not that well off. this baby girl was raised by my mom, who during that time, was just 18. my mom took care of her, gave her primal needs and wants, brought her to Manila so she would be able to have a good education. 18 years later, i was born.

this baby girl took care of me as much as my mom took care of her. it was with her that i ran to whenever i wanted something, whenever my mom would punish me for something that i did.

we shared a room, so basically i knew all her secrets, and she did too. she was my best friend and my worst enemy at the same time. i remember when i was younger, she was my idol. she was the one who taught me how to smoke. (actually, i know she would contest that. she didn’t teach me, i just saw her and since i was so kulit she gave me a puff.)i would copy everything that she did, i would wear the clothes that she wore, and just like her, i loved the color violet. we would always fight about me going through her stuff, but she didn’t understand – to me, she was the ultimate girl.

when i was in Grade 6, she had to leave for Singapore, and she left me here. i felt empty and alone. for more than 10 years she has been by my side, and suddenly, with all these new feelings and experiences, she was gone.
she stayed in Singapore for around 5 years, later, she went to UK and decided to stay there for good. and when i was 19, her eldest child, Gerardine Cheri, was born.

i followed in London, not soon afterwards, and i was able to take care of my niece (and also my inaanak) for around a year, but i had to go back here in the Philippines. and what used to be overnight side-by-side bonding sessions became a once-in-a-while buzz in YM. she now has 2 kids to take care of, and i had my whole life ahead for me as well.

but once, in my life, she was my everything. and even though we have gone separate paths, she will always be one of the few people i would kill for. i will always love her despite our differences.

happy birthday ate che. i will always be your bachichay. đŸ™‚


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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