in which i try to keep my commitment.

currently listening to: Empty Streets – Hed Kandi
currently feeling: haggard.

last Wednesday, i was able to go back to an Antioch meeting after what seems to be an eternity. well, it’s not really called Antioch anymore since we were almost all overaged for that community. so the current TLs decided to call it Ipasa, i guess coming from the MV of Antioch, which is to “pass it on.”

Ipasa is more of a group of people that just get together so unwind and pray. We hold meetings every 2 weeks on a
Wednesday. since we are still not a group – technically, we can invite outsiders who want to just want to keep quiet or pray with other people.

So again, (phew) last Wednesday, i learned that they have this new “segment” (for a lack of a better term) where we try to commit to do something for a certain period. it can go as shallow as brushing your teeth the moment you wake up for 5 days (some people have trouble doing that) to cleaning the whole of EDSA in 2 days. for short, as long as you have a goal and a time frame and you commit to doing it until the next meeting.

so anyway, i decided to commit not to whine for 2 weeks. i wanted to commit to 5 days, but then, i decided, why not push for it. it was for a good cause.

and so far, after 5 days, i’m still well into keeping my commitment. but i have to admit, there are times that i WANTED to whine, especially about the heat. but i kept quiet and offered it up to direk.

surprisingly, it felt good. to be able to let go little things without whining too much about it. pero mahirap siya sa simula. especially i like whining about things. but it does save me a few minutes, and a few wrinkles in my face,

maybe i will keep this commitment. i hope i would be able to keep it until the next meeting.

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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