in which i get a new goddaughter

last night i went to the baby shower of my newest inaanak-to-be. she is the daughter of one of my closest friends back in La Salle. we used to call ourselves the Night Shift Gang.

i was the youngest of the 5 friends, all of us came from different courses, having different ages and most of the time, beliefs. but every 9:00 PM, when most of my friends would be home studying, or doing something else, the 5 of us will meet in Kolehiyo and greet each other good morning. this was the start of our day.

we would close Kolehiyo by 10 or 11, of course, that would depend by who was left in the billiard hall, and when that closes, we would go to Fabrik. we would then close Fabrik, that would be around 12 to 1 and we would have a slight buzz. we would then go to Lesters and play more billiards until around 4, or until we go hungry, then go to Burger Machine (given we still have money) buy a double cheeseburger and share it with everyone. finally, we would go to 7-11, buy the newspaper (the paper would be out by then) and read our horoscopes. and then try to do the crossword. Finally, the sun will rise, and everyone would go to their respective homes. this is, of course, unless they were to drunk or wasted to go home.
it was not this scheduled, really. sometimes, if we had more budget, we would go to Malate and buy 2 pitchers of Weng-Weng (during that time, it was 100 pesos a pitcher) and sometimes even buy sisig. sometimes, we would go dancing, or bowling, or videoke, but one thing remained the same – we will not sleep until the sun rises.

we were able to do this for about a year, i think, until i left for London, and by that time, most of them have graduated. and we haven’t seen each other since.

until last night.

when i saw them, it was as if nothing has changed. well, of course, except for Jeth who was very pregnant and nearing her 36th week of pregnancy. she was the smallest but fiercest one in our group. but besides her swollen tummy, it seems that it was the same Jeth. her angas way of walking, and until now, she has my record for having the pinakamalutong na mura. who says size matters.

this is her second child. i get to be the godmother this time, together with Kelvi. Boom and Mark took the first child.
i have a couple of godchildren, but besides my niece, this is the only time i know i would be responsible for the future of a kid.

but who am i kidding? i just listed to you what i used to do with her mother. and sometimes it scares me to know that one day i would have children of my own. that one day, i too, would be responsible for the blueprint of a human being. i would be a big factor of how a person would fuck up, or rise in life. pretty heavy stuff, if you ask me.
but for now, i guess i would just have to spoil this kid, and later on, maybe tell her the endless stories i have with her mother.

the path i took isn’t really what every parent would ever wish for her child, but let me say it again. if i should go back in time and would be asked if i was to do anything different, i would just do the same. because nothing beats the experience i had back then.

well, maybe have a couple of more biogesics handy for the million times we got drunk and wasted, and maybe more toothbrushes for the NSG. but i wouldn’t change anything else. it’s my blueprint.

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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