tambay mode.

currently listening to: Let’s Face the Music and Dance – Ella Fitzgerald
currently feeling: steady… šŸ™‚

after seriously contemplating what to do this tuesday night, i was able to cut it down to 3 choices.
1. go to makati, have aero for 2 hours, and then go home.
2. go to Starbucks near my house, get myself a nice, tall, hot order of Caramel Machiatto and update my Mac, or
3. stay home and listen to my lolas get mad again since i smoke in my room already.

number 1 was too far, and i kept thinking, i already ran this morning, so i guess that would be fine, FOR NOW. i’m not really in the mood for fixing my diet, since i won’t be training for any competition this year, i decided i will relax and let the weighing scale tip a LITTLE more to the right. but i know the moment i hit 115 again, i would freak out. so far, still in 110, so i’m all good.

number 3 was all the time, so i decided to go with

number 2.

so now, here i am in Starbucks Convergys, with a cigarette stick constatly burning, my Machiatto lovingly staring at me to my left, a piece of chocolate glazed donut, my huge bag to my right. listening to Ella Fitzgerald and at the same time updating my Mac (i missed 5 updates already. eek.) and the mest of it all – i have an outlet ready just for me.

ahh.. this is the life.

so now i have run out of things to say. i haven’t really said anything worthwhile the past couple of weeks, a poem here and there popping at the most weird moments, the last one made while on my way to Makati, written in a piece of tissue, and finishing it on an orage post-it in the studio.

i missed hanging out. besides work and studies and baboo, i feel that i have no time left for me. and to think that i feel that i don’t give baboo all the time that he deserves, pero he has things to do on his own as well. most of the time, it’s my studies that consume my time.

but i’m not complaining.

february went by so fast… i wasn’t able to keep up with the dates. together with my deadlines of scripts and a couple of shows here and there, it was hard to stop and smell the flowers.

before i knew it, i recieved an email from a good, good friend of mine, and he’s leaving for Dubai.
when i was still in London, we used to chat 24/7. literal na tulog lang ang pahinga. actually, most of the time, he was the one puyat because he adjusted to my time back there.
Pangs, as i fondly call him, was going to greener pastures. off to find his princess.
i think i have to replace “greener pastures” with “sandy dunes”.

here’s hoping the best for him.

i’ll stop here now. mauubos na ang wi-fi ko. and i think i have to go home. early class tomorrow.
man, am i getting old.
i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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