if i only knew….

currently listening to: the silence.
currently feeling: unbelievably sleepy

that after 3 years, pirated copies of WHOLE SERIES would be available to the market for a horrible low, low, low price…


yeah. all it’s doing there right now is prolly eating dust, because my nephew and my niece are much too young to already be immeresed in this kind of culture.

being a true “Sex and the City fan”, i actually have a name necklace like Carrie, only now everyone did it that it’s so tacky. i am still on that quest to find that nother necklace that she wore (the one with a horseshoe on each chain, on 3 different levels”)

but i think the most extravagant “SATC IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!” phase of my life was when i actually bought the original dvd.
SATC had 7 seasons, and each season was 22 pounds. (i don’t have a pound sign in my mac). i bought all 7, and thought it was a good deal because i was able to get all seasons.

now just do the math.
anyway, my real point is that for a whopping P140 i was able to buy all 7 seasons of SATC. and i spent 28 hours watching the 1st disc. of course, i had to rest to run, cook food, eat, take a bath and talk to baboo. and that only took around 3 hours all in all.

and now i just want to sleep, so that tomorrow, when i wake up, i get to watch again.

i’m out. 🙂


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

3 thoughts on “if i only knew….”

  1. And to think I’ve never watched one episode of “Sex and the City.” Currently, I’m watching the third season of “Six Feet Under” on DVD.

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