in which i talked about a loyal heart.

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i just got home from staffing for the DWTL hyssop weekend in Ateneo. i gave the loyal heart talk.
until the time i was babbling away in my talk, i had no idea what my point would be. i had no background on what i was supposed to say in the talk, especially because there was no outline to follow. all that was given was i was supposed to talk about what a loyal heart is.
funny that i was the one chosen by direk to give this talk.. if you have been visiting this blog often, you would know that i have a problem with loyalty. when i say it’s a problem, it means i have a problem with people being disloyal to me. i would like to say i’m a very fierce friend and partner, which means idealistically as it sounds, i believe that since love begets love, loyalty should beget loyalty as well.
but of course, this is not the case most of the time.
so anyway, in the middle of my talk (this was the part where in i was just telling what happened to my roller-coaster 2006) and i realized what being loyal is about.
being loyal is being there and believing in the person no matter what the odds are.. believing that they would rise above the situation when the situation is not really that easy.. it’s sticking with that person through good and bad.
last year i learned to be loyal to myself. because definitely, while i might be fiercely loyal to my friends and to my partners, i wasn’t loyal to myself.
last year i let go of certain values that i had. and for a dark period of time, inindian ko sarili ko. i didn’t believe in anything anymore. i took the easy way out and did what i thought was the right thing to do.. and most of the time, the easy way out is not the right thing to do.
during my talk i realized that. and thanks to the brave heart talk before me and the loving heart talk right after mine, i once again am reminded of the million different things that i should be thankful for.
let me write that i am thankful for my past relationships, they have been a fantastic boot camp for the relationship i have right now.
love is ultimately a decision. more than ever, i believe that love is hardwork. it’s simple, not complicated, but it’s definitely hardwork. but if you are brave enough to do what is right, and loyal enough to see it through, no matter how easy it is to take the short cuts, then that would be love.
Michelle said, (not verbatim of course) “we go on rambling about our own heartbreaks, whether it be losing a loved one, a partner, a parent or a friend. pero we only experience this once (or maybe twice or more kung matigas ang ulo mo) with the same person, but Kuya Jess goes through this every single day at least with one person. and He loves us all. overwhelmingly still loves all of us.”
isn’t that a very comforting thought?
the least we can do is do our best to imitate the love that He has given us.
bow. 🙂


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