in which i am in my one tree hill marathon

currently listening to: Fall Out Boy

let me tell you a secret. 🙂
when j3 finally confessed that he liked me, he was currently watching One Tree Hill then, and he was in Season 2. i, on the other hand, was watching Mrs. Miniver. and i guess i kinda got curious on what the hype was all about. i cannot talk to him when he is either watching basketball (um, i forgot what you call it, basta i know its like the summary of the good shots done during a game.. or wahtever that is…) or watching One Tree Hill. i know my hype is kinda late, but as they say, better late than never!!

so for short, i spent most of my Christmas vacation and the whole of new year doing my One Tree Hill marathon, and so far, after almost 2 weeks of watching i’m already in season 3.

i sometimes forget that this series was made for adults, especially since the setting was in High School. i mean, what was i thinking back in high school? i was so young then. i was thinking of wrestling, and soccer, and what to eat during recess, what was the lastest gossip between the barkadas at school, the neoprints in Galle and Quad (kamusta naman!! Quad!!!) Auntie Annes, Quickly, Zagu, black books during periods, chicken nuggets, frozen mango juice being sold at the cafeteria, strawberry fruitellas, our basket”brawls” wherein a point would be equal to 1,000,000 points (we were against the varsity!) our agawan buko games, and the only competition we had back then was who would be able to write the longest letters, who would be able to write the most lyrics in our notebooks, who would get to finish the most coke (SODA HA!) in 5 minutes (guess who always won!!)

of course, high school was also full of my firsts. first kiss, first sleepover, first love, first heartache, first betrayals, that during that time i was not too sure i would overcome them. lo and behold, i am stronger and better after almost 5 years.

but i never thought i would marry by high school, although i was sure love was pure back then, i knew it was a phase, that everything i went through is a part of what i am right now. and do i regret anything that i did? never for one second. maybe for a millisecond i would think there are lessons that i went through that i knew already and felt that i didn’t need to go through it again, pero matigas ang ulo ko, and i guess that was direk’s way of instilling the lessons to me.

once again i lost track of what i wanted to say, i guess i am just a bit lucky that high school wasn’t as rough to me unlike those in the series… come to think of it, i don’t think we ever had high school shoot-outs in this country. i believe that says a lot about the waay discrimination is held in the US.. or their lack of EQ.

ok, i guess that’s it for now. i’m out. 🙂


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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