in which my throat hurts

currently listening to:Everytime I Close My Eyes – Babyface and Mariah Carey
currently feeling: pain-y. sakit my throat e.

i just realized that i’ve been laughing for more than a month already. i remember marsh telling me the other day, when we were in her car, laughing our heads out (did i say that already?) she suddenly stopped and said,
“marsh, masaya tayo.”
and yes, i guess we were.
No. let me rephrase that.
we ARE. 🙂

although, there is that giddy feeling. marsh just passed Seneca College in Canada, and a big congratulations is in order… but i can’t help but feel a bit sad. i’m going to miss her. but since she’s not leaving anytime soon, we shall enjoy a couple of more memories together. 🙂

i was tempted to write down what i’m getting baboo for christmas, but maybe i will post if afterwards nalang. i’m not sure if he reads my blog, but if he does, i don’t want to give it all away. heheh. 🙂 so i’m a bit excited to give him my gift. oo, malamang labor of love nanaman. ako pa?!!?

argh, my throat really hurts. i think we’ve been going out too much. i still can’t get enough of baboo.. maybe it’ll die in a few months, but right now i guess it’s still new. but i still get kilig seeing him. gush. ano buzz….

so there, i guess i have to clean my room right now, since he’ll be coming over this friday. i mean, of course, i want my room to be clean for Christmas as well. kasama na yon.

5 days to go before christmas, and already, i got my christmas gift pretty early. 🙂


i’m out!


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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