in which i will detoxify next week

currently listening to: Irreplacable – Beyonce
currently feeling: fat.

in line with my previous entry, i had a deal with 2 other friends yesterday. we made a pact that we would not drink any form of alchoholic and carbonated drinks, shall abhor from smoking any kind of tabacco -or anything that can be smoked, for that instance- and shall refrain eating rice for one whole week starting monday.

each one of us had a waterloo. i cannot live without my sodas, marsh cannot live without her cigarettes, and leo cannot live without his rice. and all of us, must stop drinking at one point.

as mentioned earlier, this is really going to be a bit, errr.. how do i say it nicely? challenging since we have been binging in food and alchohol for nearly 2 months now. we are nearly living the rockstar life – minus the financial capacity, of course.

of course, honor system would be used. we cannot be together all the time for a week, so consensha nalang. heheh..

whoever fails to complete the week shall treat the remaining 2 to any 5 star hotel of their choice.

so i know i better win!

i’m out!


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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