in which october is crossed, and november has to be faced

currently listening to: Ghost – Indigo Girls
currently feeling: itchy

after 3 weeks, i finally went back to the gym and had some serious workout. the past month has been a blur to me, so many firsts, and so many lasts as well.

i have to say, i am not bloated already, BUT, i have gained a bit of weight. even my mom said my cheeks are bigger. i know i am definitely bigger, and most of the time i go praning and think @#$&(@#$*@!!! how will i lose all these @#$(&@#$ fat!?!?!

oh i know the answer. i have to STOP drinking, eat more healthy foods, and please go back to my workout.
i have been drinking around 3 times a week. and to think i always say, “hard drinks only, beer makes you fat.”

WELL, WELL, WELL. that’s technically true, but once you consume around 12 bottles of vodka ice and still don’t feel a tinge, that fat will sure come run after you!

that is the reason why i also don’t get to post anything here anymore. most of my fridays and saturdays and sundays are spent drunk.

am i proud of what i’m doing? no.
will i eventually stop?

most of the epiphanies that i have are locked down in my brain, as much as i want to write them all at once, i’m sure it will come out when the right time comes.

ah. sweet november. october went by so fast, but as always, i will not regret anything that i have done, because as we always say, WE ARE FULLY AWARE AND CONCIOUS OF THESE DECISIONS THAT I MAKE, AND I AM NOT TO BLAME ANYONE ELSE FOR THESE DECISIONS.

ok. so i will start by trying to sleep early. would be posting a couple of pictures with the last vacation that i had.

i’m out


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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