chapters and characters.

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i’m in my favorite starbucks with my favorite drink hoping to be with one of my favorite friends soon. i don’t have class since there is no electricity in my school.
the only thing really missing is my favorite cigarettes and i’m just really tamad to go out and buy me a pack. i’m sitting quite comfortably here already.
weather’s really great. not hot, but not really cold as well.
oooh. there is a cute guy sitting in front of me. kaso kano. sayang naman. hehehe.
ah.. this is the life.
i just turned a year older 2 days ago. again, rain had to be a big factor. it always rained on my birthday. a couple of days before my birthday, bagyong milenyo came ruining the whole of metro manila, that’s why i was not expecting that people would actually come. but i was proven wrong.
in fact, people that i even forgot to invite (i wouldn’t even name the names out of embarrassment) were there. almost from all chapters of my life (footnotes included) i saw the people who mean so much to me.
so i guess for that, i have to thank everyone who made that day special.
i remember one of my better friends asking me (while slurring down on the wonderful tequila generously given to us by the bar manager [thanks joey :)]) if there would be anyone esle i wanted to see during my birthday, and surprisingly, i said no.
technically, i was telling the truth. when she asked me that question, there was a certain flashback of certain people that i have expected to call and greet me, or even to go to the party and be there with me but for one reason or another was not there. and then i was pulled back to the happy drunk people surrounding me. trust me, some of them, i didn’t expect to be there, but i guess Direk was telling me bob, ano bang inaangal mo, these people are here because they simply are. they chose to be here. and those who were not here, simply chose not to.
i have to thank Direk because all these years, i was never really alone. i always ALWAYS had people around me. and sometimes, there people just stayed for half a chapter in my life. but i should be thankful. and happy even.
one of the things that made this birthday different is that i had lunch with my father. that is so weird because ever since i got back here from london, i have not seen my dad. so that would mean i haven’t seen him for almost 3 years. and now i saw him.
talking about my father would require and demand a new entry, so i will not elaborate on this muna. but i was happy, that was one of the things that i wanted… but sadly, i learned it was not one of the things i needed.
the few months went by so quickly i know it’s my fault that i didn’t give enough time to really sit down and think about it. maybe that was the difference too, because i normall ywould just sit and think, but i didn’t. i kept myself so busy i think i forgot why i was getting myself busy in the first place.
as my marsh said, if we think we got it good already, what more would this year bring to me?
whatever it is Direk, give it your best shot. bring it on. 🙂


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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