in which i pamper myself today

after submitting the 25-page report, 2 classes and an interview in ABS-CBN, i decided to pamper myself. my skin has been breaking out due to the constant “night shifts” that i had so i hit 2 birds with 1 stone. booked myself to 2 hours worth of pampering in a spa.

got myself a green tea combo: green tea scrub, wrap, foot spa and hand spa. also got a 1 hour massage. then stayed in the steam/sauna for 30 minutes. normally i would just stay around 5 for each, but kanina, the “lazy bob” told my “other bob” to relax.. enjoy the steam. and boy i did.

now i just feel soft like a baby and smell so oh-so-yummy!!

hassle i have to take a bath na tomorrow. green tea smells so good.

by sunday though, i have to *snap back* to reality. got to do the final sequences in production and hopefully (fingers crossed) start on the long, ardorous journey of post-prod (which i REALLY HATE.)

tomorrow, i shall once again pamper myself. i’m gonna watch Click starring Adam Sandler. i’ve heard good reviews about it and they said it’s more of a drama than comedy. that would be a first for Adam Sandler (not unless you consider Punch Drunk Love..)

i ran to a good old friend of mine kanina in the gym. it was really funny because this girl was had a warm spot during my early high school life. anyhoo, the good news is she’s working there full time na as a PT, so hopefully i get to work in the gym! yaye! it would be better if i just didn’t post the name of my friend, or the gym, kasi baka maudlot. sayang naman!!

so i’m keeping my soft and yummy fingers crossed and hope for the best!

and i will go to sleep already! isn’t that great? 🙂

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

3 thoughts on “in which i pamper myself today”

  1. u slept so early today i missed chatting with you. so anyway i just dropd by your blog. first time ko mag leave ng comment! bango mo naman pakinggan! paamoy nga mamaya! joke lang po… 🙂
    wala pa ko web page, pwede ba friendster nalang?
    see you later ok…

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