in which i am done!

i am finally done.
with my Proposal, that is. hehe. (kala niyo kung ano noh!!)

it felt like
h..h.. h.. heaven..

but i know this is just the tip of the iceberg. wait until i finally shoot. baka mabuang na talaga ako. makakapatay nako ng tao, konti nalang. anyway. to award myself, i have decided to clean my laptop. as in physically clean it, every nook and cranny of my beloved laptop who just turned 13 months old last week. he’s already a year old. my,my,my. time flies when you are having fun. although it’s not pristine white like before, i think i will settle to this crisp ecru color. i still love it the way it is. and the N in my keyboard is officially gone.

i think i will end this early, because orals for the proposals would be by 8 am SHARP later. and since i have been officially awake for almost

36 HOURS!?!?

wait nga lang. let me count that. time check right now is 1:14 AM, August 24. i didn’t sleep the whole day 23.. which means the last time i woke up was August 22 which was last tuesday so i woke up at around 9AM. so August 22 9AM to August 23 9AM is 24 hours plus August 23 9AM to August 24 1AM is 16 hours.
mali pala ako!! i have been awake for

40 hours.

suddenly i really feel tired. i better park this already. i was supposed to reflect on how i was able to do this paper all by myself when in fact this is a group project, but nevermind nalang. i think i should rest my tired, tired brain. it thinks too much.

ok. i just also wanted to say before i go: as;dkfasijasgi g;ihaeg;ioahegiaergha;eisrnga;sklfnaiwersjdan.

yon. ganyan nako kabangag. and i cleaned my keyboards so now they are clickety-clean. i love it. 🙂

i’m out!!


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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