on aquaintances, rocky road brownie brainfreeze and kubrador headaches

i am currently trying to write my reaction paper for Kubrador and it’s already been around 2 hours and still i got nothing. it would have been easy if we were just asked to make a review for it, or even criticize the actors, the film, the quality, how it relates to the socio-economic status of our country. or even how i can relate my life to it. but instead, i would have to connect it into at least 3 theories. i have no idea how i am going to do it. brain freeze. it’s not me trying to delay things. it’s just not really getting into my head. maybe also because of the fact that i watched it with 4 couples and i had to be in the middle, plus they had noisy side comments IRRELEVANT to the movie and that really pisses me off. one of my biggest pet peeves: noisy movie watchers.
i mean, fine. go ahead comment on how great the dress is, or how the lighting sucks that you can see the huge pores on an actress, but do it discreetly. keyword here being DISCREET. i just hate people who shouts at the movies. unless, of course, you are watching a horror film. for example. one of my classmates came in late for the movie and he shouts, “manong, paki-rewind naman! di ko nasimulan!!”
i wanted to to crawl under my seat. the last time i did that was when i was in repertory and i was in GRADE SCHOOL. and they were really noisy all through out the movie. they kept asking me what was going on.
maybe that’s why i can’t think of anything.
nah. i’m just making an excuse. i really don’t get the question. i’ll figure it out. just need a cigarette or two.

while i’m doing that, let me just do a recap of my weekend.
friday proved to be great. the aquaintance party was a blast. although i called the dean of my school “brother” when he was in fact a father already, besides that, hosting was a breeze. it was hard for me since i had no idea who the alumni was, or half the people in the room. but now that i think about it, it was to my advantage as well since i got to mingle with the people. we needed to kill time since production failed and there was no stage director. ah, long story short, most of the time i ended up interviewing people i hardly knew. but isn’t that the point of it anyway? 🙂
if the aquaintance party was a blast, the post-party was Mayon erupting already. beer was overflowing everywhere, alumni were there so most of them fed everyone. we were around 80 plus alumni considering that the whole college is only around 250 at the most. it was funny because i was pretty sure the people wanted to see me get drunk, but most of them got drunk anyway. what i’m worried about is going back to school tomorrow because i was pretty sure i was introduced to most of the people and knowing me, i would only remember half (and that’s on a good day) of the names. not unless i was able to associate it with something that they did that night. like lino and mike and doy (since they were kalbo) francis (treated all the tables to 2 plates of sisig) heidi (only because she really had this loud annoying laugh) sheila (the one with the sleeping baby) rose (the girl with the glasses and kept offering me marlboro reds) tom (since he made pa picture with me) robert (squeezed my hand too tight) paul (has this huge tattoo on his arm) mark (bought a bucket of beer for my table) jeff (has a green civic) and i don’t know anymore. most of them i can connect now because i remember them in their clothes. good luck nalang when i see them tomorrow.
jaipur was great after. my brother, as always, strutted the night away. i was hell tired already, but since he was going to thailand this weekend, i promised him that i would go with him. it is quite eerie to hang out with my brother who is 3 years younger than me. come to think of it, it shouldn’t be that eerie since most of the people he hangs out is my age and most of the people i hang out in school is his age. it’s just funny that since he calls me ate, the people he hangs out with him calls me ate, when in fact most of them are older than me. labo ba? i’m going to miss him when he leaves. he’ll be gone for 3 days but those 3 days would mean that the focus of this household will be on me. on that note, he hasn’t come home for 2 days already. manang mana talaga sa ate.

saturday was even better since i had a dinner with my cookie family. the knock knock girls were complete, which was a miracle since mica is always always sleepy and normally leaves by 10 pm. miracle of miracles, she left way later than that. this was only because her boyfriend was sick. we ate in via mare but since i was late, by the time i got there everyone finished eating already, so i decided to go to jolibee to grab some french fries.
only i didn’t since i saw the great poster of that rocky road brownie sundae they had. kaye, being the inggitera also had to get one for her as well. by the time we went back to seattles, everyone was ready to sit back and start talking and updating on what’s happening in everyones lives.
my mom used to tell me that i shouldn’t love my friends so much, because later on in life, i would only be left with a few. that’s true. i can’t argue with that. but i just realized that i was blessed since i cannot say i was ever alone. either i have a gift of friendship, or God sees that i am too weak and gives me the support i need everytime. either way, i am thankful. it’s hard to explain but there is always someone i am with. even during the pink elephant days i had with my marsh and then me and josh broke up, sina Joseph were there to support me. i was never alone.
i remember talking to marsh everytime i would transfer school, that i was scared that i would never make any friends, and being the supportive marsh that she is, she would just smile and tell me to give it a week. a week would pass by and i wouldn’t even remember getting worried about that. marsh always told me that i think too much. that for someone so emotional and impulsive, i think too much. i guess i am a walking contradiction. and i have to thank her for being my check and balance all the time, although most of the time, i end up not listening to her and so i have to learn my lessons the hard way.

i think i have stalled long enough. my mind is almost empty of the swirling thoughts in my head. maybe now i can go and tackle Kubrador.

*turn* oh and just before i finally do my paper, i just wanted to say that today was Ninoy’s day. it’s a sad tale, actually: you’ve fought for change and reform your whole life, and people finally get it when you get killed.

who would have known you can make me smile as well? i don’t want to make a Ninoy out of you. just don’t make a Ninoy out of me. 🙂


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