in which i just painted my nails red

midterms is finally over for me. took my last test a while ago and i felt pretty good about it. i mean, i’m sure it won’t be perfect, but it’s good enough to give me a CMS. now i can finally relax and stop using my brain for a while. got a couple of results as well, it was quite surprising, in a positive way, of course.
tomorrow will be a fun, fun day. there’s an aquaintance party in school where everyone gets to meet everyone. there will be presentations, you know the whole shindig… well, that’s not really the fun part. the fun part would be the after-party. parang i’m back to high school na ewan. nakakatawa talaga. but everyone is so into it that i can’t help but engross myself in to the program as well. i will be hosting tomorrow’s event and as usual, i have no script at hand. power adlib nalang!!!
because of this, i have painted my nails red. everytime i paint my nails, it reminds me so much of the time when i was in the UK. it was only there i learned how to properly grow and file my nails. i had beautiful nails back then, and i would always paint them because i was bored most of the time. my niece also loves having her nails painted. she would get the nail polish and give them to me, then say, “cure-cure!!” everytime she sees me and my cousin (her mom) doing our nails, she would throw a tantrum if her nails does not get painted as well. my favorite back in london was this light beige tint. it makes my nails look longer and classy as well. i also used to color them randomly. the little kids loved that especially. sometimes i used the nail polish to keep the toddlers from fighting with each other, and also teach them colors. talk about hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. 🙂
but tonight i painted it red. it feels so empowering. my marsh also paints her nails red, and it suits her only because she is whiter than me, it makes her whiter. she’s got nice hands as well so it makes her look mature and classy. my red nails, on the other hand, makes me feel wild. makes me feel like a wild cat. rrawr! was thinking if i should cut it, but the length is just right. i mean, it’s not pungok but it’s not also as long as mystikas. that’s why i’m not typing as fast as i usually do, because it took me almost an hour to finish my nails. i’m out of practice. and out of polish. that would be number 1 on my list when i get paid for my last racket. nail polish. i’ll try to look for that beige tint that i liked. if i get the wrong tint kasi, it can make my fingernails look dead. ah basta. i love my nails. plus right now london bridge is playing in my i-tunes. panalo. 🙂
so, here’s hoping it’s a good day tomorrow. since i have been a good girl and did not do my cheat meals yesterday and today and tomorrow, i will be able to drink. yipee. 🙂


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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