in which i have started my diet again

weight: 113 lbs.
body fat: 17%

back to the old diet again. i have to say goodbye to my everyday beer, to mcdonalds, to kfc, to pizza (sbarro… yumm.)and french fries. i will be ordering my usual green tea in starbucks instead of my venti-caramel-macchiatto-with-whipped-cream-double-blended. i would again remember the pleasure of eating them every 3 days without a cheat meal, which means i would be savoring my nuggets and my hot caramel more.i will then eat my sisig and drink my beer with more gusto. i will party harder because i know i will be working hard for it.
back to waking up early 2 hours before i should so i can do my morning run and prepare my meals for the whole day. i will be spending less outside, and bringing bigger bags. since i cannot afford to pay for my gym yet, i would have to discipline myself more to work out in the house. because of this, i will not be able to sleep as late as i want, and remember that i should have at least 8 hours of sleep. i will have a reason to block all my thoughts. i will be able to study harder since i have less time to dally around.
back to being a killjoy to all my friends. and in days that my body will be aching, i will be a bitch. i will complain, and i will be impatient. i will be hot-headed and will probably fight with my trainer more since we would only see each other online. but i would know who my real friends are since they know that’s just the way i am when i train.
back to smelling like salon-pas and alaxan gel the whole day.
back to swallowing down my supplements like an addict.
back to reality.
i can’t wait. 🙂

ohh, and can i just add? my shades broke today. i was kinda sad. those shades served me well. it will be greatly missed. (until tomorrow when i buy a new one.)

i’m out!


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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