in which i am watching love to kill

as always, i am such a sucker for telenovelas.
i never liked koreans in particular, but it’s just refreshing to see a funny telenovela for a change. what a coinkidink that this is my project for comm1. i remember quite vaguely that i made an entry already about telenovelas. i think i was still in london then and i was talking about the christian (jericho rosales), ara (kristine hermosa) and leo (diether ocampo) love triangle in sana’y wala nang wakas aired in channel 2. i remember that i paid 11 Pounds so i would be able to watch the different shows in abs-cbn.
hmmm. i should look back on old entries. i haven’t filtered any of the entries that i already posted here. i need to get to a pc (yeah, as much as i hate to admit it) so that i could file the back-entries already. basta i remember being madrama because i watched too much telenovelas. and now i’m still watching my telenovelas.
watched Lady in the Water yesterday. it was a good movie. got my heart pumping a couple of times. the main character named Story, happens to be the Madame Nerf. ah, basta. i won’t go ruin the movie for you. it’s a feel good but kinda scary movie. anlabo.
it’s a pretty hectic day. ngaragerz. i was running a bit late because mejo napasaya ang 30 minute run ko. naging 1 hour because i felt so fat. i’ve been drinking for the past how many days that i felt i had to compensate for everything. my brother got home pa after my run so drama sa house.
school was not that bad. had a quiz in every subect, but Public Relations was great. we had a speaker (finally, someone who actually knows what he’s talking about) who talked about the ethical at the same time dirty side of being a PR practitioner. and then he told us that News and PR is not for the weak hearted. i actually got excited when he was telling us his own experiences, when he used to work for a radio station, then in an advertising company, then for some big television networks, then now he handles a couple of politicians. i love it. maybe one day i will venture in to public relations. the question is, would i have the stomach to do it? can i do the GRO dance? hahaha!!!! then he leaves us this cd with the song by America, “You Can Do Magic”. he said he listens to this everytime he faced a challenge. and he calls each project a challenge, never a problem. ah. basta. i was inspired today.
and i was texting with a good friend kanina. she’s kinda in the dumps right now. she was my muse for my last poem. hay. love talaga. this girl is really smart, but love puts us all in the same level. no one is rich or poor, young or old when you fall in love.
ok. i’m in a giddy mood right now since i’m listening to my oldies. ella fitzgerald, nina simone, billie holiday, john legend ends my day right. wheee.
something’s bothering me but i can’t put my finger into it. parang it’s this growing headache in the right side of my head. i don’t know why. and sometimes my tummy does flip flops. parang may butterflies sa tummy ko. ok. i’ll just keep on writing here so someday i would be able to figure out what’s wrong.
for now, i’m gonna have a ciggy and sleep. 🙂
OR, wait for that new Spanish telenovela (which i am sure was made during the early nineties – kamusta naman ang vest and hi-cut boots diba?!?!) at around 1130.
bahala na si batman.
i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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