deal or no deal?

my mom and i were watching deal or no deal in abs-cbn. it’s like pera or bayong only there would be 24 briefcases and you would get to choose only one, hoping it would be the 2M jackpot. the pot can go as low as 5 pesos. you’d be opening each of the briefcases and there would be this “banker” who would try and persuade you to just take whatever money he was offering you in exchange for your briefcase.
in that episode, there were 3 briefcases left. the only thing left were 200, 500 and 300000. of course, the couple thought they had the 300000 in the briefcase, only they didn’t. they didn’t pick the 300000 because it was the last briefcase that they opened. the banker offered them 400. my mom said, “no deal!!!”. i told her why pa? deal na so they at least get the 400 instead of the 200. then she said, “wala ka naman puhunan jan in the first place. wala ka nanaman pera from the start, what’s the difference?”
hard for me to say this, but my mom’s correct. wala ka naman talaga from the start, the only thing you would ever get is the experience, wether she got the 2M or the 5 bucks. in any way, you are richer.
wish i can apply that to my life.i, on the other hand, would just take the 400. that’s at least 50% 50% is better than nothing at all. kasi i am so afraid to deal.
i started out single, so ano naman ngayon if busted ako? i would still be single, just like i was before.
my head hurts. i think i drank too much last night. it was checky’s despidida. so i still feel the different kinds of alchohol running through my veins. hay nako.
ok. i lost my point now.
better be taking a bath now. its italy vs. france tonight!!!!!!
i’m off.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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