in which i talk about the theory of the neanderthal man

i had coffee with one of my friends today and she just said the most beautiful line (for the day, that is.) actually it came from a movie that i forgot already since i was too smitten from the line.
“i’d rather fight with you forever than make love with anyone else.”
hmm. not sure if i got that in verbatim, but that was the gist. it’s not part of my entry. i just felt like writing it down.
anyway, my point is, she was reading this self-help book about commitmentphobics. apparently this is a real sickness that a whopping 8 out of 10 men go through. and although i never believed in self-help books, i decided to skim through the pages.
i wasn’t able to read much about it but it did make sense. MOST men (let me please emphasize on the word MOST) would hunt you down endlessly, do everything tom cruise did in jerry maguire, and when you finally fall and settle down, then they twist and suddenly it’s their turn to realize, what if there is someone better out there?
why not think about that when you’re on the prey? my theory dates back to the neanderthal times. men only had 1 responsibility, and that is to provide the food for the tribe. they are good with hunting down prey. they know which would make the best soup, or what would be the warmest fur. after they kill the prey, they hand it to the woman, who in turn would actually be the one who would fix everything else. man, therefore is left useless. i believe that this basic instinct still lies within the modern man. after hunting down their helpless prey, and they finally get it, they have no idea what to do with it. the woman, on the other hand, since time existed were trained to cultivate, balance and enhance the household knows that hunting is just step one. that’s not the end of everything.
hay nako. i’m sure i’m hitting a lot of egos right now. but it’s my blog and i can rant if i want to. i just find it so weird. men say that women are so complicated, demanding and hard to please. then why, o why are the self-help books mostly for women to understand men? it’s rare that i see a book that says, “a guide to getting ms. right” or “how do you know if she’s ms. right” i guess because most of the time, any woman that enters a man’s life can be ms. right. they just find ways to make them “himay” (sorry i can’t find the perfect word) and make themselves believe that she’s not the one. aargh.
ok. this entry should at least show both sides, no matter how biased it looks. i know it’s hard for those guys too, that they think she’s the one and then suddenly waking up one day thinking, “what the fuck was i thinking?” i’m sure that that would hurt too. and if it is indeed a sickness, then i guess, tough luck nalang for the girl. i can speak for only myself and i know i am not perfect. in fact, i am so far from being perfect. but at least i try and stick to my decision. i still believe in pots of gold, lotto tickets and 4 leaf clovers. and this is why i know that someone out there, there is a descendant of a neanderthal man that actually did the household and understood that there is more than just hunting. so whoever you are, please come out of your cave and let’s do grocery together.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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