may araw ka din.
ayoko nang magalit sa iyo because 1st and foremost i have no idea who you are.
believe me. i try to be patient not to listen to the stories that are told to me. i want to believe that you are a good person.
it’s hard for me to hate someone. it takes too much energy for me to hate a person. i’d rather channel that energy to something more useful.
but sometimes, i tick.
let me just quote, “i’m only human.”
if you are human, i am human as well.
and at this very second, during this very hour while i am writing this entry, I AM HATING YOUR GUTS.
please let me just say it out loud.
i hate you for being you. i hate you for using my future. i hate you for your present, i hate you for not having originality.
someday i know i will thank you. i will thank you for entering my life, i will thank you for changing the course that i have paved for almost 3 years. i will thank you for all the lessons i have yet to understand.
but for now, i will boil and simmer this HATE that i’m feeling. it makes me feel human again. it will remind me of my mistakes and know that i should never make the same mistake again.
pero with you? i don’t think you’ve learned that lesson.
so as i always tell the people i hate, i have 2 words for you.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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