in which i write randomly about so many things

since i was so tamad to open up my blog for about a week i have to write randomly, whatever comes into mind. here it goes:

1st day high!!
it was the 1st week for formal classes. i still haven’t attended all classes ONLY BECAUSE i had to attend the orientation for freshmen and transferees. besides that, i guess i’m enjoying school very much. met a new good friends and i have to thank Kuya Jess for that. i remember my ninang telling my mom when i had to go to london that even if you put me in Tumbuktu, i would have friends no matter what. because i am gregarious just like that.
i’m beginning to like my new school very much. maybe also because i am finally taking up communication arts that makes me happy. i know this is what i have always wanted and now that i’m doing it, i could not ask for more.
the registrar was crazy when she said to my mom that i would never fit in. ako pa? i would always always find someone to hang with, no matter what.
ironically, my world seems to be shrinking. only because “the friend of the friend of a friend knows ur friend.” ang daming ganon that it seems i’ve seen some of these people somehow, somewhere. galeng noh?
so cheers to my new school and my new found friends. and I PROMISE dito na talaga ako magtatapos. hehe.

noooo. i won’t be talking about love. rest muna with the lovey-dovey stuff. i saw my highschool barkada last saturday sunday and we had a sleepover. it was great great fun. i guess i got kinda tipsy and we took loads and loads of pictures. ok. now that i think about it, it wasn’t much of a SLEEPover since no one slept that much. or people had to sleep because their head was spinning na. ceejay dropped by pa which was really sad since i said there was still beer but then for some reason i guess we kinda drank it before he arrived (ok fine, i was not drunk. just really, really happily tipsy.) and he ended up drinking a beer, ate a couple of twister fries, and cleaning after our mess. oh. and he ate the fudge of my ice cream even though he was lactose intolerant since i was being a brat and wanted caramel. (see!! i wasn’t that tipsy. i remember.) but he’s an angel just like that. mia and bunny had to leave early, but looking back at the pictures i don’t think there was 1 good picture of mia because her hair was somehow messed up. i’m not quite sure if it that was the point, but she was really hilarious that night. mcq was the first to retire. i think around 1AM she was not moving anymore. because of that aina and trixie had to bring her up so she can sleep. me and lianne have the most pictures. mostly because we own the digcams, so we end up taking pictures of ourselves because we were vain like that. pero ang pinakapanalo sa lahat was heather. heather bought a digicam a day before the sleepover so she was really excited to use it and kept taking pictures. she had the best pictures of everyone. yun nga lang, she ended up erasing EVERYTHING. hay nako.. laugh trip talaga.for the 1st time the barkada was complete. i can’t even remember the last time we were complete. checky’s leaving for ireland soon that’s why we decided to see each other. i mean, i haven’t seen cheska for the longest time, but it’s still different if you’re just in the same island. ireland is so far away.
so cheers to cheska and ireland, to new experiences and old friends.

ok can’t think of a nice title already. and besides everything else that happened is too insignificant to take up space. oh yeah, i won the marathon in SM Bicutan last Sunday. i thought i was going to die during that marathon since i was reeking GranMatador. after the inuman thank God i didn’t have a hangover or else i think i would have puked right then and there at the aero floor. i remember thinking, ” i can’t die now. it’s too embarassing to die because of an aerobics marathon.” and still i won. thanks Kuya Jess.

i guess that’s it for now.

oh yeah, i have this lss that i just have to write down so it won’t be playing inside my head and keep smiling all the time.
“i don’t mind not knowing where i’m headed for, you can take me to the skies…
it’s like being lost in heaven, when i’m lost in your eyes…”


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a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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