in which i talk about my dream guy

i’ve had a crush for the longest time ever since i broke up with josh. but it’s funny, since now that i finally met him, and after a long dance of making pakipot and pa-cute, my giddyness just died. just like that, in a snap.
oh, he’s still cute, and he’s everything that NORMALLY falls in the “dream boy” department (smells good, earns well, not ugly, funny, smart, kind to animals.. that sort of thing) but somehow, my spark just died. the challenge was not there anymore.
thus, this entry came into life. i have had the draft for this entry for the longest time, but i just get too tamad to really form it. but because of my last 2 date-flops (is there such a word?) i might as well write down what i really like.
in no particular order, my dream guy should:
1. not be scared of ipis – this is definitely the most important quality my guy should have. i cannot imagine living my life with someone who is scared like me. i am scared witless of ipises. i hate how they look and how they smell. and i know i have another whole entry for ipises already. i think it’s just logical that my dream guy would be able to kill my ipises for me.. or face my fears with me, whether it be an ipis, or my monster under my bed.

2. will tie my shoelaces – i’m tamad most of the time. and i wear low rise jeans most of the time, so if ever i do bend down, my booty will show. that’s why if my shoelace gets untied, i need my dream guy to tie it for me. i need my man to be ok getting his jeans messed by the dirt under my shoe. and i need to see that if something is not right, my man would want to fix it. no matter what.

3. will sing videoke with me (regardless of the voice quality) – i myself don’t have the greatest voice, yet i belt out the most chipipay songs of aegis to the “kapal naman, bob” voice straining, litid breaking songs of whitney houston. i don’t care. i will sing it all. and i want someone who would sing with me too. the more baduy the better. i don’t care if it’s mainstream, boyzone (EEEEEEEEEOOOOOOWEEE.. sige na nga love ko naman e.) or what. i don’t want someone who would be embarassed at me. i want someone who will be embarassing with me.

4. pluck my kilikili hair – i don’t shave my armpits. i go through the long process of plucking my hair. this is how i basically know if you are my friend. there are only a handful of people who have done this for me, and hell, i know they would stick with me through thick and thin. in fairness naman, i take a bath first before letting anyone pluck me so i don’t stink. but my man, he should be good with that. and shouldn’t feel gross. we would be doing more gross (is there a word such as grosser?)things than plucking my armpit. if other couples like picking nose with each other, mine would be plucking armpits.

5. must go to mass – i really think this is number 1 on my list. i hate to admit it before, but i know my past relationship didn’t work that well since we didn’t have God on our side. it was just me praying. and i gambled with God. now i know better. this has been on my list eversince before. i even wanted an Antiocher so i would be a parent leader (aww. i miss Antioch) i just want someone who believes that there is someone greater than him so that he could be humbled.

6.must enjoy buffets – i really can’t remember why i wrote this. i think because i want my guy to still love me even if i get a few inches bigger. few inches lang naman e….

7. must like baduy movies – i’m a jologs at heart. no matter how well bred i look, i know i am still a jologs at heart. i need someone who can appreciate both the critically acclaimed and critically declining movies. BUT i’m not saying we go watch the really really really really down right baduy movies. my spectrum ends with judy ann santos.

8.must dance with me – you know what they say about good dancers, they are basically good with grooving. i have yet to have a guy who dances good. and i want a guy who would dance with me.. everytime nalang my guy ends up making bantay the bags.. i want someone out there with me who would dance with me my whole life. and i don’t care if he has two left feet, basta he’s out there with me in the dance floor, that’s fine.

my list might look really mababaw, but these are just the essential things i need from my man. i want him nanggigigil for me. i want him wanting me now, and not later on. later on will come no matter what we do, so why not have me now? do you know anyone who can fill in the shoes? apply now. ahahaha!!!

on a different note, it’s my 1st day of school tomorrow, so i better be sleeping by now. mejo sabog na ung entry ko… and mejo bitin ako sa entry ko.. i’ll just fix it tomorrow.. or someday.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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