in which i talk mostly about Da Vinci Code

i’m sitting here in gold’s gym after a tiring day of work out. wala lang. i’m still waiting for a couple of friends to get out of the room so we can go have dinner. i’m going to take this moment to write what has been happening to my non-existent exciting life.

i’m enjoying my classes now.they’re still beginners. still don’t know the basic commands of aero but they’re getting there. what’s important is that they are enjoying what they do also. i was teaching a new routine to them when this girl suddenly said, “ay, parang sayaw na tong ginagawa natin” and i told her it should really be more of a dance. not to technical. what made it technical was the commands that shouldn’t be that important talaga. what’s important that it should come from the heart. and i realized that it was kinda sorta like my life too. i like doing things that i like, and if i don’t like it, i tend to suck at it. shouldn’t it be all that way? anyway, point is, i’m happy that they are enjoying what they are doing. little do they know that sometimes i also don’t know what i’m doing. heehee. (dear lord, please don’t let any student of mine read this entry) i also told my mom that i like this, and it’s also really better than just getting another part time job at a call center. i mean, less hours, plus i really enjoy it. but of course, a job would always be a job. which brings me to what i did yesterday with isa.

i watched the da vinci code yesterday (that sounded really redundant) with isa. we met at around 1 pm at glorietta and watched the 240 show. there were really a lot of people. i wonder what the sm administration are thinking about that. SM decided not to show the movie because they have this policy not to show R18 shows. so no to da vinci code. and in replacement they will show everest. ok.. so decide which one would u rather watch. anyway, it was funny because now isa is teaching boxing and we were just talking on how funny it is since we were both sabog at the same time, and now, look at us, both aero teachers. it was really labo and we both had 6 pm classes. sabi nga namin, we can’t cut this one since we get PAID doing this. do we get paid going to school? (besides the allowance which is still no excuse)NO. so we would rather cut our expenses than our income. really really hilarious if you know me and isa from waaay back.
anyway back to the movie. i have read the book around 2-3 years ago.. not really sure, but it wasn’t such a hit then. and it is kinda far from what the movie is about. well, you have to understand that they had to tweak it a little so it can be more camera friendly.. but that is exactly what i hate about books turned into movies. it kinda defeats the whole thing. i dunno. i like books better than movies. i won’t go spoil everyone else who hasn’t watched it yet (tom hanks dies in the end feeling the wrath of God – heheh ) so let me end it here.
but what i don’t get is the hype with all these and whhy it was given an R18 rating. don’t they realize that the more they say not to watch it the more they would want to? MASARAP ANG BAWAL. and what does the church have to be scared about? it’s fiction. it’s supposed to be fiction. to hell with scandalizing christian history. my only point is, if the church has done their part in evangelizing the Good News, then they too should have faith in their followers. they should believe that not a 2 hour movie or a 300 page book can rock their faith. i guess they should have been able to teach more than that. but further more, who are we really to say what was right or wrong? i mean, those people ago, who defined if God should be man and divine at the same time are just lucky that they were born first and got to decide. it was just a matter of choice. and if ever there was a real God, then He would have known that this could happen. that these are one of the choices that His creation would do.
a good example of this, who actually said marijuana was a bad drug? i mean, it’s a plant, God made this plant, and there was a reason He made it. now when He did, i’m sure that somewhere along the way in doing that plant, He knew that this was the effect it can give people, and still He made this plant. so how can it be bad? or more radically, sodomy. how were they able to say that anal sex is bad? just because you can’t reproduce through your ass? He put it there as a choice for people to make.
ok, this entry is getting too long and getting out of hand. i even confuse myself. but please, to avid readers out there, don’t even think that i am an addict or a sodomist. well, i used to take drugs but i have been clean for more than 3 years (thank you very much) but these are just small things that i wanted to point out.
christianity is such a long topic. and my friends are here. so i got to cut it. FOR NOW. 🙂

i’m out.


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