in which Caloy is hitting the Philippines

caloy is the 3rd storm to hit this country for this year.
if i would name every storm that i have been through this year, i think i would alredy be in letter L… bagyong Lulay.. or something like that.
it’s been raining for the past 3 days so i decided today, for a change, to stay home and update my blogs and to play my favorite sims.
kinda boring too since i’m here all alone. my brother went to school e… which is also good since now i would be able to play my sims! but my lolas are here anyway so it’s kinda unfair to say im all alone.
though i wish i was nalang.
anyway the real reason why i decided to stay home was because i was out for 2 days and i didn’t really go home… so i felt really bad.hehe.

last tuesday was actually my 1st time to teach aero alone. it was supposed to be last thursday but i got scared. buti nalang joseph convinced me to just attend his class. i felt bad for cancelling my first class ever, so i made it up last tuesday. when i was walking all the way to cocobank i just tried to remember what my other mentors do when they teach aero.
hassle when i got there.. my contact said that they were already advanced in aero so i was kinda hesitant to teach. “1st class palang advance na tuturo ko!?! heller!!!!” then i saw the venue was small and had no mirrors!! super hassle yon because how would i see if tama yung ginagawa ko.. then they didn’t have a sound system pa. buti nalang i brought with me my mac.. so we just plugged super sabog speakers on them.. and later on we kinda figured out that we didn’t need that much speaker kasi the venue was small enough naman.
i thought they wouldn’t like me.. but i guess because i am inately hyper and cute (ITS MY BLOG AND I’LL LIE IF I WANT TO. heheheh) they liked me. and last thursday we did the same routine, but of course we added more to that.ah basta. it was fun.they were requesting for a change of schedule. they want it MWF instead of TTh. i said i would think about it.
i worked for 2 hours this week and i have earned what i would have earned in a call center for a week. not bad for 2 hours. and to think i like what i was doing. ok.. that was overboard. i am nearly earning what a part time call center agent earns in a month. the catch is, i have to work for only 8 hours a month. part time agents have to work at least 80 hours. (is my math correct?) so that’s just for 2 hours. what more if i get at least 1 class a day.. everyday. and i really really REALLY REALLY like what i’m doing. i have to thank joseph mijares for that.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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