in which i talk about my mac

is it wrong to fall in love with inanimate objects?

i love my mac.

here i am again in my favorite throne just before taking a bath and i have to luxury to smoke, listen to my favorite etta james songs at the same time write the babble swirming in my head. oh. at the same time text friends. finally i got unlimited again. hehe. kulang nalang is i bring my aircon here and my bed. or.. if i can get a waterproof thingy for my laptop so i can type while i am having my bubble bath. ahh. cheap industrialized paradise.

anyway, back to my mac. only thing i don’t like about it is that it’s white. and as most of my friends know, i’m very burara. until now. i wouldn’t really call it burara. i think of it more as creative clutter. i know where my things are and i like them messy that way. i feel like i’m in a museum if my things are too organized. of course, there is still organization in my place. its just that.. umm.. hmm. how can i put this nicely? most people wouldn’t understand it, only i can. hehe.

my mac will be nearly a year old soon. from it’s pristine white casing, now it’s kinda ecru-ish. there are scratches everywhere, and sometimes the space button hangs. it’s not as white and i’m sure there are still residues of ash and sand hiding somewhere in my mac. my screen is not as clear as before, my n button is nearly gone and sa dami ng pictures in his memory, it doesn’t run as smoothly as before. yet i would never ever trade my mac for a pc. yuck.

but i love it just the same. and i’m happy to see that it is deteriorating. only because this is proof that i use it more than i i stay in my house. it never complains when i open them any time of the day, or night for that matter, and it holds the deepest darkest secrets i have. i like writing. sometimes i write nonsense, sometimes i write out of boredom. but in any way, my mac holds it all.

it would take time before i would be able to replace my mac. (or buy anything, to that matter) but i don’t mind. i can wait. for the mean time, i just pray that my mac holds long enough. i need it more than ever.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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