in which i talk about ipises and friendshipses

while i was getting my dinner (if u call it dinner since i am back to my diet; salad with 2 eggs-2 egg whites and half egg yolk) there were tons of ipises around the kitchen. i was so hungry already but they were there… gross.

funny thing about ipises is that they are so small but they are so kadiri. and i know that 1 out of 2 persons i know are scared of cockroaches. (yeah. whether they make amin or not. and “hindi!! takot lang ako pag lumilipad!!!” is not an excuse. the fact remains that it is still a cockroach) they’re yucky. they smell bad, they crunchy when you kill them, they have gooey substances. have you ever felt an ipis on your skin? their legs(or whatever you call them) are so.. uh… how do u describe it? crawly? hairy? basta, it makes my skin tingle, in a REALLY BAD WAY. i just hate it. tapos there are times i see them procreate. daaang. really really gross. sometimes i just want to whack them out. but the crunchy sound after really gross me out.. waah. and the yucky fact that even if there was a nuclear attack on the world, the ipises would be able to live. they are the oldest creatures that ever roamed this planet (are ameobas and planktons animals? i forgot my biology already). how yucky is that? does that mean the planet belongs to them. lipat nalang akong venus. then again, never mind. (sorry, very personal joke :P)

this is a main reason why my prince charming must be someone who is not afraid of ipises. someone who can kill my cockroaches for me. think of it as a prerequisite. one way or another i must find an ipis if i like a guy, then i must let them kill it. if he runs like me too, hala… not unless of course he’s really really cute. JOKE.

i have another story about ipises. a fond memory, actually. me and chants were hanging out in her condo then. we were i think 1st year college. then an ipis came. we got so effing scared. i swear nagkasha kami sa iisang upuan. now that we think about it, we were both big, and we managed to stand in one chair. my name went from bobsie to bobby sa sobrang takot. chants may not have killed the ipis for me,but then we clung to each other as if it was a gun pointed at us. really funny. hay. good memories.

speaking of good friends,i was hanging out with a couple of friends today. itago nalang natin sila sa pangalang virgo and scorpio. virgo and scorpio were old old friends, siguro mga 5 years narin. basta to cut the long story short,nagkakatampuhan sila. the problem is their attitudes clash. scorpio comes in too strong.. while virgo naman feels like parati sha api,so forever sila nagclaclash.

what’s the point of me sharing this? one of them was saying that he didn’t want anything in return. my point is, if you didn’t want anything in return, then why is it that you’re so pissed off? the other one naman was saying naggagamitan and nagsisiraan lang sila.

my point here is that i believe friends really use each other. let me make it clear and emphasize on the word FRIEND. you were given a friend so that you can use them. i mean, it’s not logical for you to use someone you don’t like right? BUT, in return, you should be used as well. magagamitan talaga kayo.

i admit it, i expect things from friends. precisely because they are my friends. logically, it would be absurd to expect something from your enemy. i expect people i treat good to treat me good as well. it’s just fair that way.

ok, i kinda got lost on my own entry, i have totallly forgotten my point on why i was sharing. hmm. i think primarily i was just sharing my day. oh, and scorpio and virgo are still friends, they talked about it, and i’m happy. i don’t like being caught in the middle. call it me having no spine or being balimbing or being indecisive. i call it being fair to both sides. especially if both are my friends.

so do i have to connect the ipis and friendship? hmm. i guess i would like to have a friendship like an ipis. is my metaphor correct? i mean, i would like someone who would stick even after death. cockroaches never choose where to squat. even the riches houses have ipises and so does the poor houses. so i want my friends to be that diverse as well.

man, i don’t think i am making much sense now. i guess i better park it.

i thought of you today, but sad thing is that you just stayed there, in the mind.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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