in which i justify my gluttony

its already 3am and still im wide awake.

having a laptop is so convenient. right now im sitting here in my own private throne, with my favorite brand of cigarettes and trying to pick up my scattered thoughts.

after my competition i have already gorged and ran away from my strict diet. here’s a short list of all the food that i was not allowed to eat and finally had the freedom to eat it.

saturday night – we ate at aristocrat after the competition. i ate chicken barbeque, gambas, sotanghon soup and *AHEM* coke REGULAR

sunday – palitaw in the morning, ice cream from snowstorm (care of papa emil), 2 boxes of mojos, 1 lechon manok, 1 liempo, sandamakmak na rice and as a sign of guilt, coke light. (okay, this i shared naman with obet, joseph, jona, emil and bibi. oa naman kung ako lang diba.(

monday – chowking shanghai lauriat and half plain noodles (the other half was with joseph) and a bar of crunch caramel

tuesday – sizzling shawarma wendy’s cheeseburger meal (go biggie) and 1 and a half tapsilog

daaaaaaamn. takaw ba?

in fairness i have tried to set it in my 3rd meal so it can still be considered as a cheat meal. my waistline had gone from 22 to 24 in 2 days, my legs have always been big… and my abs are still there but of course not as defined during the competition.

so am i guilty or not?

most of the time i am not. because i have earned this week’s rest from my strict diet, but i do know there is a price to pay for all this uh… shall i call it “pagwawala” that i am doing. aah. heck with it.

i don’t think it should be called a cheat meal. it should be a reward meal for being a good girl and following the regimen that was assigned to me. every hard work deserves a sweet reward.

then again, if i am not guilty, why the long entry just to justify what i am doing?

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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