another new baby!!

dami talaga pinapanganak december.

yesterday my godsister gave birth to a super cute baby boy. welcome, raphael nikolos!!!! his real nickname is nikko, but i prefer to call him kokoy. cute noh. hehe. haaay….

so does this mean a lot get it on during march? WHY!? it’s not even cold i don’t think working people really have vacations… and it’s not even summer!! so why in march?

just thinking out loud.

to other topics, i still don’t have a job. how hassle. i feel bad for papa j who keeps on giving me money. i will be going back to school soon and i don’t want naman to be a bigger burden to my mom.. so i choose to still work. if only the online business doesn’t sound so much of a scam i would really really would like to try it.. but who knows.. i just might bite the bullet.

anyway i have to sleep na, still training.. looking at my pictures, i know i got fat already. and not the PHAT fat… i have big legs nanaman.. wah.. (as if it was ever small!!)

so there… im out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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