RK’s Wedding

today was the wedding of the son of my mom’s close friend. (phew.) it was in san sebastian in mendiola, and well, as u know it’s super kaduper traffic in that part of manila. to cut the long traffic short, we were late. so late, in fact, that my mom (who happened to be a sponsor) had to walk the aisle alone.. which was im sure ok with her because she was sooo bongga today.

anyway, the reception was in loft, rockwell. it was grand. the motif was green, so i really enjoyed the reception. the fondue was exceptionally good, kinda reminded me of the fondue in max brenner’s… wala nga lang white chocolate. while eating it i subconsciously felt my legs feel and get bigger, so as much as i wanted to gobble the whole array of fruits, i had to stop. (sabi ko pa nga sa sarili ko, “ok lang yan bob, fruits naman e!!!” RIGHT.

i envy them, kasi i have this feeling i would not have that kind of wedding. i WANT to, but practically, i don’t think i can ever afford it. funny how when i was young i wanted a grand wedding. with grand things. i wanted 10 bridesmaids. i wanted an orchestra with a whole choir. i wanted my entrance to the church riding a chariot. i want my honeymoon to be in some exotic place. i even like doing those invitations on those graphic software programs (i forgot what u called them) and as time passed by, the names on the groom’s side change. and so did the number of my bridesmaids… and my whole entourage. all i want right now is to get married with the man i love. that’s it. but still on a white dress. i don’t think i can even afford a reception. and worse of all, i don’t think my mom would ever accept the man that i will chose to marry.

but i still won’t give up, as my favorite movie title says, SOMETHING’S GOT TO GIVE. either tama ang mom ko, or tama ako. but i won’t be a loser without even fighting. papanindigan ko to.

oh yeah, it’s my dad’s birthday today. is it a sin to act so indifferent? i love my dad, but i guess i have accepted that my family is like this. sana my mom would accept me narin as well.

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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