Running on Empty

mood: tired
music: Caught Up – Usher

got back from a vacation that i rather did not take at all. i nearly had pneumonia.. i guess its also due to stress that i have been getting all these weeks. i have reached my saturation point.

i guess i am already running on empty. my 5-digit salary does not compensate for the stress that i get everyday.. but who am i argue with this?its so hard to even get a job right now and im not even a graduate yet but im earning more than a secretarial graduate.. isn’t it kinda insulting? i should be thankful of what i have but then its really quite hard hearing people scream at you the whole day. what’s really irritating is that these people just HAVE TO rEAD THROUGH THE ORDER FORM. thats it. i guess they have a knack of not seeing the prices when they go through the orderform.. kinda like sixth sense, you know.. when the dead people only choose who they can see?and some of them cannot even remember that they are even dead. everydayi ifeel like im a walking zombie already.. waiting for the next 8 hours to pass by swiftly as possible. but sometimes 5 minutes seems like eternity already. argh.

i really should not be blabbing too much about my account here in my work. but that’s what blogs are for right? papa j got sick too just like me, but he got it much worse than i did.. he got pneumonia and had to stay on the hospital for around 3 days.. poor papa j… 😦 ayan, tuloy, we have nothing to get from the salary this coming pay day.. 2 weeks ba naman kami magabsent diba? pero okay lang yon. i really really really really plan to resign already. too much is too much. any other work would be fine.

i’ll be going back to school this june. going to take my test later. hopefully this is one thing that would be running on full tank.. i crave to write creatively once again. everytime i look at my entries, it sounds like a grade 6 student is doing it. eeeowe.

so ill end it to that note as of this moment. i still haven’t had the time to go and download the puerto pictures. one day. promise.

i’m out!


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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