in which it is the last 30 minutes of my shift

mood: loved
music: caught up – usher

for a long time i haven’t written anything here.. come to think of it, anywhere on my websites at all.. what a waste of webspace. heheh.

so here’s a short recap on how i’ve been the last few days:

Sun, Sand and SSSSSSSSShhh.Ü
had four whole days to spend time with my favorite man and it was a bonus since it was our 2 year anniversary. our romance was rekindled by the scorching (totally hot) flames of love and not to mention my back burned as well. we left puerto with empty pockets and full hearts. not a bad deal. maybe next year, we would go to palawan.. but this summer, we’re hitting bora. yeah!!!

Hell could be just right Here.
i have proven myself right once again. money does not buy happiness. just last payday i received my first, over 10K, 5 digit paycheck.. and that’s in 15 days. but i stared at it blankly, and i thought, “nope, i’m not happy with what i am doing.” especially since my 100th day appraisal. i thought i was doing fine. i thought it was all worth it. all my life, i never went to school an hour before.. not even in college. when i got to work, i’m here an hour before.. i wanted to excel and push my capabilities because honestly, i never did that when i was in college, sorta something like a penance for what i have done in the past, but if politics were bad in school, its way harsh in the real world. hay. guess i gotta be tougher than ever. i’ll be a regular soon.. actually by march 13, but then i am thinking quite hard whether i should stay in this environment or not.. fight or flight? im sure every other company would always have people pulling me down, but.. there is a greater monetary value on the offers i had with the other call centers.. hmmmm. decisions, decisions. i’ll be keeping you posted.

basically that’s just it. me and papa j were walking a while ago and talking about all of these, and i said, “at least we got each other.” he said, “anong at least? what’s important is that we have one another. alam kong kaya natin.” aww.

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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