mood: tired
music: Find 100 Ways – James Ingram

Happy Halloween!
Merry Christmas!!
Happy New Year!!!

has it been that long since i last wrote an entry here? my work sure consume most of my time, but honestly i was just updating my Zorpia account most often because this website does not work in my workstation in the office. sorry..Ü

anyway, so what’s up with me? hmm.. nothing that great, still deeply in love, and still madly working. for some odd reason my health is declining ( i was rushed to the hospital at New Year’s eve because of a stomach ache – i had a digestive infection or whatever that meant) and hopefully it goes away.. papa j is also getting sick and just today, me and my brother are going back to St. Luke’s: me for my follow-up, and my brother since he has a fever. i told my mom not to fuss over the fever, but then when she exclaimed, “anak, libre naman e.” i knew not to argue with that anymore. maybe kinukulam kami..,. i have no idea.

besides my rickety health, i miss my friends so much. things do change once you start working. for some reason (or maybe becuase of my insecurity) i feel that my friends are mad at me.. or at the least making tampo. both highschool and college friends. they don’t even feel the need to invite me anymore to the gimmicks since they know i work at night. hay.

but as papa j says, that’s normal since iba na ang interests and priorities namin.

i’ll be going back to school hopefully this june.. just as long as my funds would reach june. summer is coming up and i have the Boracay itch. hehehe…

so i guess that’s it for now. oh yeah, its my monthsary today… 23rd. isn’t that great?!?!Ü

anyway, i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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