post work blues

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promises are meant to be broken.

so i never really got the chance to finish what i was supposed to say nearly 3 weeks ago. argh. hirap pala when you are working na… i remember an entry one friend did on his blog saying that he never had enough time to sit and write down what he already really feels. he’s paid to be creative kasi, so most of the time, all the things that come out of his brain should have the element of money in it. and he missed the old days when he would just write down on a piece of paper and just stash it back to his pockets. the next times he sees the piece of paper, he would either think that “dang.. did i write these stuff? galing ko naman..” or “dang.. did i write these stuff? i totally suck!”

haha.. when i was back in London i used to wonder, “WHAT!?!? no time for writing?!?! there would always be time for writing!” well, look what happened to all my blogs. nagwork lang sandali, nakalimot na.

i used to think i had so much priorities already when i was back in school. by that i mean i had to balance (roiight.) school,extra curicular activities (which normally took 70% of my time)and by that i mean parties, events, birthdays, Antioch, school what nots, relationships in my life which would mean friends, associates, barkadas, family and super friends (parang caller group sa phone).. and my list goes on and on. oh, i still haven’t mentioned myself, which would include my undying addiction to the gym, my habitual massages and small luxuries which would include a day in the Spa.

now all together with that, i have to add work already. and right now, its eating all my time in the world. not that im making reklamo or anything.. working in a call center is not that bad at all.. i just now have a deeper respect for these people. it takes someone with a high EQ to stay sane in a business like this. the pay is quite good.. what just really kills me is that unlike before that i could play around with my time and give infinite reasons why i was late, it does not work that way anymore. plus, there is no such thing as a vacation. okay. here i go again with all my ideas rushing in my sleeping brain.

my schedule is 9PM to 6AM from Tuesdays to Fridays. 11PM to 8AM during Saturdays. i have really nothing against the time in regards with me thinking if i would fall asleep during work . who would ever think that all that time that i was an insomniac and having the weirdest body clock would ever pay off. okay lang yon sakin. what kills me is that every time na day off ko, which would be a Sunday and a Monday, i have no one to be with. im stuck at home awake with nothing to do.naubos ko na lahat ng DVD and VCD dito sa bahay. and thats quite a lot, mind you. lahat na ng pwedeng mapanood pinanood ko. from classics like Breakfast at Tifanny’s to the super kajologan na Isprikitik Walastik.. heheh… ganon na ako ka bored. i would go work na nga on a rest day because i would rather be surrounded by people and fighting off my antok than doing nothing at all and being wide awake. besides.. i do get to sleep naman when i don’t have calls (gee i hope my supervisors dont get to read this) and i’m a light sleeper so okay lang.. i love power naps pa so a five minute nap works wonders for me.oh.. and nobody really goes out on a Sunday, more pa on a Monday.. so parang walang kwenta talaga ung rest days ko. my gym schedule is getting there.. kaso most of the time instead of going to the gym i end up drinking with my *ahem* office mates (WAHAHAHAHA) at 7oclock in the morning. ahhhhhhhhhh… sarap talaga ng beer sa umaga. wala man akong night life, buhay na buhay naman ang day life ko. heheh.. mejo naghehello na nga ung beer belly ko.. warming up to another comeback.eeeowe. no. that’s it im going to the gym later. and yes, i have already experienced watching my first full show.. first screening pla tawag doon. i miss saying, “sige last full show na panoorin natin!!” now all i say is, “beer muna para tamang tama sa first screening!!” WAHAHAHA!! yun lang.. i don’t think naman that i sound like nagrereklamo ako.. i think of it as proactively seeing the positive side to the things i have right now. i’m actually being paid to get shouted at. all these years, i just get shouted at and scolded with only a headache and a low EQ in return.. but now, someone pays me to hear all those things.. hehehe. sometimes i feel tuloy i’m meant to have this job. weird body clock, a talent for power napping, endless saliva for talking more than 8 hours a day and the impenetrable EQ tops it all. hahaha!!

sorry for those who would be reading this entry.. i just felt like i had to write something once again here. i really really really really really miss writing everyday andthinking in the bathroom, “hmmm.. i wonder what is a good topic to write down today?” guess i don’t have the luxury to do that anymore. huuhuhuuu…

despite all these differences in my life right now with regards to old habits and traditions, one thing i noticed that never changed was the topic people love talking about. no, its not sex (although there is just always that infantesimal line bordering the two topics).. its still love. galing nga e..whether you are working or studying, recieving money from your family or providing for your own family, one thing that would always baffle peoples brain is love. only now, my definition and range for the term love already expanded. grabe now i have met even more diverse people than ever before. i thought i knew it all, and now i more realize that im just a small player in God’s big telenovela.

i don’t know again how to end this, all i know is i feel better being able to write down somethinga gain, although not to what i want it to be, okay lang. i feel normal once again.

except that its 7:30 in the morning and i’m craving for beer.

i’m out.


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a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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