there are too many things happening in my life right now. honestly, once i cut them out to pieces and think of George Bush and Tony Blair’s problem, mine is just a tiny speck, for sure.

but of course, i am but a mere mortal. i get hurt, i get trampled upon most of the time. and before i don’t mind because at the back of my head i think that when i get scolded, i deserve it because i did something bad. but if i am to be reprimanded with something that i didn’t do at all..

its been 2 crazy weeks and i don’t even know how to start talking about it. one thing is definite, no mortal can bring me and my boy down. he has endured so much that sometimes i think i am not worthy anymore..aww man.

i dont know..i really wish i could be more like him.. the thing is.. he hates pretending.. he doesn’t know the meaning of pakikisama. if he likes something, he sticks through it. if he hates something, he leaves it. at one point that may sound really obnoxious and arrogant. but he is, and he know he is.. and somehow that attracts me.

we were talking about the movie “Walang Kapalit” last night. and there was a scene there wherein Sharon asks Richard, “why did you leave me?”

and Richard simply replied, “becuase i was stupid.”

four simple words that totally brings the house down. sabi nga ni Joshua, “these writers are made of gold.” somehow in real life it takes a real man to admit that he was stupid.. and wala lang.. sarap pakinggan. hehe.

yeap, i’m a hardcore, authentic, die-hard fan of Pinoy Drama movies and telenovelas. and damn proud of it. speaking of which, i wish i get to watch Now that i Found you. love those one-liners!!

nababaliw nako. i’ll be leaving in a while and be helping my dear boyf with his thesis.

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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