tanginang yan, ako nanaman.

mood: angry
music: estudyante blues – freddie aguilar

hay nako.

this house has evaded reason forever.

i thought pa naman that i can get away from this nut place smoothly. until a couple of days ago.

apparently kulang ung pera sa alkansha ng niece ko.

and shempre, who else could be the perfect suspect but ME.

it’s so easy to point the finger to me. i am always stuck with my niece at home alone.

who the fuck could be a better suspect!? i am the perfect suspect.

it has always come out to this e.

everytime nalang there is something missing, or misplaced in the house, kasalanan ko. na sa akin yon. parating AKO NALANG. di mahanap ang susi, ako ang huling gumamit. di makita ang remote, ako huling gumamit. di mahanap ang bus pass, sakin huling inabot. ang daling ihagis sakin lahat e.

and how can i argue with the hand that feeds me?

confrontations have always been a problem to me. i hate it as much as i hate spinach. so i kept quiet as a mouse, knowing that if i just argue, the issue would never end.

in payment of my said “robbery” i wasn’t allowed to take home my p900 because apparently the money i used to buy the phone was also theirs.so i dont think i would be using any phones when i get home. great.

if only i had more money, i would’ve slapped the money i was bringing home to the philippines and tell her thanks nalang. but i can’t do that..

my mom has no money left, i am entirely dependent to my cousin. and worse to that, i never hear how much “utang na loob” i owe her. and how this arrival of mine in their lives is causing so much more expenses than they could handle.

then i just have one question to my family: why did you even bother taking me out of La Salle?

i dunno na what’s going to happen. i can’t believe im leaving UK with a heavy heavy heart. i hate aruging especially with my ate. the burden of utang na loob is kiling me.

i pretty much assume i won’t be posting for a long time.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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