books, breakfasts and boys

i am absolutely, positively knackered.

with a couple of days left before i reach my utopia (uuy.. alam ko may nagbabasang nag-aasume. hheheh) i have a couple of things left to do.. haven’t exactly bought anything substantial as a pasalubong to anyone at all.

so what. yeah, nagpaparinig ako. hehe. no but honestly if i did have the money, i would GLADLY shop. i do actually know what to give everyone.. but then, i can’t give it to them coz i have no money na.


what to do.. what to do.. nuninuninu…

i do actually have a couple of pasalubongs already.. but well, the people i have pasalubong are either the ones who constantly nag me about it or the ones whose pasalubongs are sooo easy to get. you know.. the ones who don’t tell me, kahit ano.

mahirap bilihin ang kahit ano.

i had a GENERAL cleaning of my room today and i began segregating the things im going to bring back home. im bringing home prolly around 10 books or so.. all lovingly read by moi.. im still not sure if im willing to part with it.. but i sure want to share the books with my fellow philobiblians. and i told myself pa naman that i wouldn’t be bringing home a lot of things. waaaa.

its not that i have been lazy to post or anything.. but then i just don’t want to remember that its a day nearer or something. i want it like the next time i look at time, it would be time to go. and thats it pancit.

by tomorrow afternoon my mom would be here. waaaaa. no more late nights for me. 😦

by the way, i hated the ending of Sana’y Wala ng Wakas. BAKIT XTIAN ARA!?!? argh. but then, i can’t blame them if they were really in love. this is all ara’s fault. if she still really really really loved christian why settle for leo?

i personally would settle with leo. and i personally don’t believe in rebounds. i hate that fucking word. yes i do believe that in order to forget someone yuo should love someone else.. so where does the rebound come in?

my history with boys aren’t that good, nor is it bad as well. i am proud to say that i loved each and every one of them (yuk para naman ang dami.) in my whole life, i have LOVED 5 people.. and i love one right now.:D okay wait. let me rephrase that. i can say that i love 5 people. i still love them in a way, except for one of them. eowe. sorry. with one of them i can say i can’t even feel anything left for him. the rest makes me smile thinking that i loved them. and i still do.. pero shempre, my papa j is in a pedestal. out of the 5 people i loved, only one of them was my ex. labo noh.

the rest of the other guys.. well, i guess i did like them heaps… but then the problem with my guys (angkinin ba!?!?) is that they don’t know how to DEFINE. i’m one dense person.. i really have trouble seeing if a guy likes me or not.. or maybe i do, its just that i hate assuming.. that’s why most of the time its always half baked.. or i end up hurting the person because i choose not to see that they like me.

now that i think about it, one thing common about my ex and my papa j was that they point blank told me that they liked me.

aww.. i remember the first time papa j called me up on the phone and we were talking forever and he was trying to set a date.. but then i kept avoiding it and pushing him back to his girls. then he blankly said,

“okay, nahihirapan nako ha. you know i wouldn’t call you up naman if i didn’t like you okay? if i didn’t have a motive. im not a friendly person.”


i was so barado then. can’t figure out a comeback line there. so i agreed to have breakfast with him. Ü

and after a year and so.. im still point blankly in love with him.

see i like it easy that way. i like you, you like me, lets try it!hehe.. im not actualyl easy, but then, it is said that my strong personality does ward off boys most of the time.

okay i have jumped from one topic to another. i better take a bath. its 2 in the morning and im leaving by 7 here. i have to sleep.

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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