stronger than steel baby, stronger than steel.

mood: loved
music: Ikaw lang ang mamahalin.

today is my 17th monthsary. high schoolish to think about it, and most people would smirk when after all these time i still count the months that we have been together. most couples stop counting after a year. i don’t think i would ever stop counting. after all these months, i still see the man i loved first, and my love hasn’t left me – in fact, i do believe it has gronw stronger over these past few months.

an assesment has to be made tonight. the past few months have proben to be our biggest obstacle yet. being away from each other for more than a month. before i left fo rthe UK, the most we haven’t seen each other was 2 days, i guess.. but that was at the most, and in those two days, we stayed on the phone or texted all the time. and then i left.. noot just for the province that would have been no problem at all. i had to leave and go a thousand miles away.

my boyfriend is not perfect. most people see him as a chickboy, and yes, he thinks he’s a chickboy as well. hehe… i guess he loves to appreciate beauty (AFTER ALL, he is my boyfriend right? hehe) and he knows he’s got the looks. i guess you can never take that away from a man’s ego. but HE HAS BEEN A ROCK. most people would think that i was the stable one in the relationship, now that i look back, i see that if not for him, we wouldn’t be together right now.

he knows my moods, and understands them. he’s very impatient, yet he tolerates me so much. he’s never jealous because he is secure not only in me, but in our love as well. when i get cranky, he knows when to react on it or not. i can never remember a time when he picked a fight with me. he always wants me to be thin but i was never hungry when i was with him. he fed not just my stomach, but my heart and soul as well. i may not get a gift ever monthsary, but he never forgets it. he prefers quality over quantity. he never tires of waiting for me, doesn’t mind if he sleeps late just to get to chat with me, even if i know he’s really tired. when he’s pissed, im the one he goes to. when he feels bad, he comes to me. he’s arrogant on his victories because i know he worked for it. he’s a perfectionist, and passionate to only some things in his life. i’m the only one who can see right through him, wether he admits it or not. he needs me more than i think he does. he prays for me. he loves his mom although he never shows it. he’s been wearing the same batch of clothes for 4 years becuase he’s simple(“hon, wala sa porma yan.”).he’s a loner because unlike me he chooses the people he wants to be close with; those he calls friends are the only friends he got. and when you’re his friend, that’s until death. he’s not plastic and doesn’t like trouble so he stays away from barkadas. if people don’t like him, he doesn’t like them as well. he only gave me flowers twice because he is practical. he is super baduy (his favorite singer is BASIL VALDEZ) becuase he has a sense of humor. as arrogant as he is, he is humble as well, most of his closest allies are “commoners”; blue collared workers who knows exactly how hard life is. he gambles but he knows when and where. money was never an issue with us, what he has, he immediately shares it with me, his winnings automatically goes to me without even thinking about it. he’s gentle and kind like a lamb and he never shouted at me even if i keep shouting at him. he never hurt me physically. he’s cynical but always assures me that it’s going to be a brighter day tomorrow. he knows how to cry, and admits he gets hurt too. we have not only shared our dreams with each other, but we have started to build our own dreams too.

i always complain that he wasn’t romantic enough, but now i see that i have more than i could ever ask for. i guess watching all my telenovelas made me believe that most men are like that, the kind who gives you flowers all the time, brings you breakfast all the time,acutally fly a thousand miles just to be with you, says sorry first, says i love you first, gives spontaneous gifts all the time and all the things that we women dream our men would do. but i said it earlier; its what we DREAM. in reality, my boyfriend is not as rich as my telenovela men, but does that mean he loves me less?

no, and actually i begin to love him more and more becuase of it. becuase he’s real.

what more can i ever ask for?

before i left, just before my plane took off, he texted me these words, “stronger than steel, baby. stronger than steel.”

and we are. and i want those people out there who have been trying their utmost best to ruin our relationship; i’m sorry darlings, he’s mine. what can’t kill us just makes us waaaaay stronger, so i suggest you start thinking of ways to kill me if you want him that bad.


just a small negative note to this entry: those people are such cowards, if they have a problem with me, why can’t they just face me rather than just hack my accounts or start rumors in school or send me anonymous business cards? i really don’t see their point. i really pray to God to help these people. i swear.

“i love him, i love him, i do.. and i don’t care what you think.. i love him for the man he is and i love him for the man that he wants to be, i love him, Laura, i love him.”

and i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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