confessions of a bookaholic

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during my long and treacherous stay here, i have allowed myself to be indulged in simple luxuries that i don’t get to have when i was back home. i call them my luxuries because if i was back home, i wouldn’t be able to do them as often as i do here.

in this list, i include snacking on chocolates, having more than one tub of ben and jerry’s ice cream in a week, shopping for clothes and buying second hand books.

the buying books is one of the most inexpesive things i do here, a book ranges from £1-2 and i don’t pay anything beyond that.

earlier today i went to a carboot and once again bought a couple of books. when i got home to fix them in my bookcase, the inevitable struck me.

i was an addict.

to this day including the ones i bought today, i have accumulated 76 books in less than 6 months. and excluding the 5 that i bought today and one from andy, i have read them all.

i must be a fast reader or i must be really bored.

i think i would prefer the latter one.

it just never occured to me that i have so many books already. most of them are jammed at the just kept on being crunched farther and farther..i never really bothered to really REALLY arrange them like i do back home (by author and date) since they still don’t have a proper bookcase to belong to.. but today i just had to haul them all out and i started counting them.

i gave me the shivers.

and surprisingly enough, when i see the book, i remember the story quite well, and the moment in time that i was reading it.

the smell, the weather, my emotions during those days that i was reading a book were trapped between their pages.

these books just don’t carry one story anymore; they carry mine as well. they have become one big diary.

i realized that during those times i felt really bad i would be able to read more than 3 books in a week… most of them i have repeated 2 or three times, since i buy by the bulk. i read 3 books at the same time; one on my bedside, one on the bathroom and one on my bag.. and sometimes i can read a book over and over again.

now i know i can never part with these books.. they have become a part of me already. its a corporeal witness to the past six months i stayed here. im just wondering already i fi should already divide my new bedroom into a mini library the moment i get back here again. we have a lot of things to share.

i forgot which wise philosopher said it, or maybe i read it from one of the books. anyway he said that books are his best friends. they never talk back and they give unbiased opinion. they will never betray you and of course, you can never really judge a book by its cover, can you?

tomorrow i shall be going out again. hopefully no need to buy a new set of books, i hope 5 can last me until i get home.

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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