mood: cranky
music: Slow Jamz – Twista

i got to talk with my dear boyfriend yesterday. i’m sooooo happy.Ü

things were a bit rocky these past few days.. but we managed to get through it. and yes, its all because of him.

there’s this new rumor going around school that apparently my boy is two timing me. hmm. not the first time i ever heard of it, but i am quite used to it, and frankly getting a bit tired of it.WHEN WILL THEY EVER STOP?

whats really sad about the chismis now is that the girl is really close to us.. and i’ve treated her as a younger sister. and the rumor goes that she has a lot to say about long distance relationships.

i have to say this out loud, and yes, its a bit bitchy. to hell with your opinion.i’m so sorry, but i don’t need more people to put me down more than i am right now. and please, you have no right to say it to me. you don’t know what i’m going through.

given the benifit of the doubt, i address this not-so-nice message to anyone out there who thinks so. yeah, go ahead and speak your mind. but NEVER, EVER use my relationship as an example.

ang gulo talaga!! pero somehow its all good. i stick to what i said yesterday. i believe my boyfriend with all my heart. if he says there’s no one, then there’s no one.

which leads me to my new dillemna. you see, i don’t want to look stupid, yet i don’t want to be too mahigpit on him.. actually i really don’t mind him going out.. but i really do pray that i don’t look stupid at the end.

a lot of people doesn’t approve of him being my boym but hey, im happy with him.. and life is already too miserable by itself to make it more miserable care of me.

ARGH talaga. but im happy as well.

he’s working already, my papa j.Ü so proud of him.. i really REALLY REALLY hope our plans go as they have been planned.

i can’t forget what he said, ” iba ang gusto sa mahal..”

hindi ba pwedeng pagsamahin yon?

i dunno.. basta all i know right now is that i trust him. period.

and im tired, so i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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