England’s Defeat

mood: bored

England has left the Euro Cup. waaaah. so much for the football craze here.

im not really a big die hard fan, but i do protest against the unjust call the referee did to the Campbell score during the 90th minute of the game. there was no intentional foul at all!! besides, the referee was too far to actually see if there was a foul or not. and, even if he started looking at the records, you could clearly see that Terry’s hands infact just fell down naturally. it was even the goalies fault why the hands got entangled to that effect. and that was really REALLY a bad call. how did he even see that? so he wasn’t looking at the ball at all? and they are supposed to be the best referrees? it was such a bad call. i swear the whole world could see that it was a bad call. aargh! and this is coming from a non die hard fan of england ha.

anyway, that was basically the high point of my day. the match ended with Portugal winning the penalty kicks 6-5.. hay.. so much for England’s pride.

hmmm.. i guess that was my whole day basically. kinda boring once again.

oh i switched cigarettes again, im now smoking Benson and Hedges, so far so good. pero i can’t deny it.. hinahanap hanap ko ang lasa ng Winston lights. bought it a while ago in the grocery and mind you i was wearing shorts. and it was really short. hehehe.. i could never do that back at home.. is it just me or did my legs shrink a bit? coz when i look at it, its not as jiggly as before.. waaah.. there’s sunlight already, better go to sleep na.

June is nearly through.. and before i know it, July sprung out of its box.

i cannot wait.Ü


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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